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Sound Off for Sept. 5

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I found it very interesting that 84 was completely closed down to the point of turning around buses, tractor trailers, etc., (a recent) Monday morning, and yet nothing in the Coastal Courier about what the reason was for that. There was police, fire trucks, etc. Just curious.

I do not think that the superintendent’s position is worth that much money. We spent thousands of dollars on new computers three years ago for all the schools and everything, and now they’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of our tax money on another system again. So, again, it’s a waste of money, and the superintendent position is not worth that kind of money for a small town like this. Evidently, you need to look at Glynn County and see what they spend.

Was it a necessity to terminate the STAR program to pay for salary increases?

A superintendent does not deserve a pay raise when teachers and students still have furlough days on their school calendar.

The board of education needs to take responsibility for wasting taxpayer money on a pay raise for the worst superintendent we’ve had in 20 years.

How can the Liberty County Board of Education approve a pay raise for the superintendent of schools while teachers and other staff are being furloughed once again — four days of pay — and the children are losing out on their education? It’s a disgrace.

I wanted to respond to the comment about Frank Long Elementary.  I am a teacher at Frank Long Elementary. I am not having the same experience that the disgruntled person is having at my school. If the person making the comment feels he/she could do a better job, perhaps they should get an administrative degree and attempt to fill the position themselves. Our administrators are brand-new in the job. They deserve our support. Everyone needs a chance to learn. Instead of using their energy to anonymously bad-mouth our school and our administration, this person should be professional and go through the proper channels to take care of their problems.

I don’t understand how the board of education will give the superintendent a pay raise and the teachers are still furloughed for three days. There seems to be plenty of money for new positions at the board, but not enough money for our teachers.

I think that it’s a shame that the board of education has voted the new contract for the superintendent and not letting the public know about it. I think it’s a shame and I think that the board members need to be voted out. There’s too much going on in the school system, just too much going on in the school system.

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