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Sound Off for Sept. 8

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I want everybody to know why I am voting against SPLOST. All you’ve got to do is ride down Rapier Drive and the condition of the road and then you’ll know why I’m voting against SPLOST. Nothing is scheduled to repave that road.

Well, I understand why the board of education did not want an open session about the superintendent’s raise. It’s just a travesty. I mean, take that money and hire two parapros and put them in the classroom to help the kids; $190,000 a year for a superintendent is absolutely ridiculous.

The board of education should be ashamed of themselves in offering a pay increase to the superintendent. And if she had any class or concern for her students and the taxpayers of this county, as well as the educators, she would not accept it.

This is about the fourth time I’ve called Sound off and every single time, it is never printed in the paper. I guess it’s because you’re not allowed to use the words “Liberty County public-school system,” because otherwise, maybe, my comments would be posted.  I think somebody — an unnamed superintendent or an unnamed board official, unnamed somebody — must have deep pockets to give to the Coastal Courier. Print that, would you?

The superintendent got a $20,000 raise; what about the paraprofessionals, the custodians and the kitchen workers? What about us? We all work really hard. Something to think about.

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