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Sound off July 22

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I’d just like to know why a doctor’s office can make you an appointment — now, I’m not saying any names or nothing — but why they can make you an appointment at 10:30 and you go to the doctor expecting to be seen. You get there by 9:45, and you’re still not seen at 11 or 12 because they’re backed up so far. And you find out that three or four people sitting in the waiting room have the same time appointment as you do. And they book in four or five appointments at the same time. Why is it that they can charge you for being late, but yet you can’t charge them if they don’t take you in in time? I just wanted to know. That’s all. Bye.

I just like to say, you know, we really miss Coastal Utilities because this other phone company, boy, it’s a trip. It really is. I wish they could bring Coastal back. We really didn’t realize how much we … better off with them than we are now.

In Sunday’s paper (July 5), Mayor Thomas stated that the city of Hinesville is perfectly fine with the same-sex ruling that came down. He needs to speak for himself and not for all citizens of Hinesville, Georgia, because he spoke incorrectly. Thank you.

Today is July 8, and it was about 2 p.m. that I was at the Suds Laundromat. The parents and the attendant in there let the kids just run through place, just run, run, run, run. I thought we had to watch our kids. I had my kids sitting down. Why … are the kids running around, and while the attendant is sitting there with the parents not doing anything about it?

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