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Sound Off March 11
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Oh my goodness. With the superintendent and her executive staff, is there even going to be a school district next year in Hinesville? Something needs to be done. The citizens of Hinesville need to wake up.

Did you know that the school superintendent has a salary larger than the governor of the state of Georgia? How interesting.

I see in the Courier dated March 4, 2015, that Hinesville was honored for being a tree city. Are you kidding me? Look at the devastation done to all the oak trees where Zaxby’s used to be and across where the VA hospital is now. Not to mention the devastation done when Liberty Center Cinemas was built, the devastation done to all the trees there. This is a shame, a terrible, terrible shame.

Jesus was wrapped in a swaddling cloth. There was no such thing as a towel.

Hats off to Liberty Elementary School for an awesome family fun day. It was truly, truly awesome. Thank you, Mr. Anderson and Dr. Faircloth. The teachers were awesome and all the activities. Please have it again every year. Thanks.

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