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Sound off March 2
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I’m 86 years old. My kids have been out of school 46 years, and I’m still paying Georgia school tax.

I was really surprised to find out that unemployment insurance that you get when you’ve lost your job takes out taxes. What kind of government is this that hurts a person more when they lose a job? People need to know when you’re told how much you’re going to get, you’re not going to get that much.

I’m just so disappointed with the Republican Party. We gotta get another party. The present party has lost its way. I don’t know these people. They’re slapping and hollering and saying all this vulgar stuff. And now they’re even talking about the pope, the most holy man in the world. They don’t have no respect. I can’t understand how religious people can accept all this. They better be careful because God is watching.

In regard to blogs, where’s JimmyMack?
If current restrictions are that current senior citizens 65 and older have to pay school taxes for their rest of their lives, we need help from the county Board of Commissioners, the school board and Rep. Al Williams at the state level to make some changes. Seniors 65 and older can barely get by.

To the caller who was asking about Kenya being a state. That person was born in Hawaii NOT Kenya and the last time I looked it was a state. So could you please tell me when Canada became a state?
To the individual or individuals who keep complaining about 3 Wal-marts. Let it go! That is not a taxpayer issue since no taxes were used to develop it, and what does it matter anyway. If business is that good for Wal-Mart to expand, then other stores should step their game up.

Seriously - a student is sexually assaulted in a classroom and the teacher “says have a seat I will take care of it later”. The assistant principal does not even bother to call the parents - true. The parents were told of the incident from the child. AND the parents of the accused responded with “we’re moving”. No one is being accountable. I would be willing to bet they will not even get a slap on the wrist.
It is time the citizens of Riceboro attend monthly council meetings. It seems as if the mayor makes all decisions. That defeats the purpose of electing council members if all they intend to do is follow the leader and not think or make decisions for themselves. If you’re supposed to be the voice for the people can the council members speak up? We can’t hear you!

Hinesville citizens, please stop complaining about the 2 new WalMart neighborhood markets. You’re very lucky to have decent grocery stores to shop at. Several of us in Midway would love to have one of those stores near us. We need a new, up-to-date and decent grocery store in Midway.

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