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Sound Off Sept. 23
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As a disabled Vietnam veteran, I’ve been fighting the VA for years trying to upgrade my disability without success. Then I go to Wal-Mart and see young people park in handicapped-parking slots, go shopping in there with their EBT cards, who probably get more money than I get for my retirement. These same people then climb out into their Escalades and drive off. I guess this is Obamacare at work.

As an attendant of the City Council meeting Sept. 10, 2015, there was unexcused absence of council members. And those who are in governing authority must remember that this position comes not only appointed by the taxpayers as citizens, but also from God. And not to mention that these taxpaying citizens have paid for the services of the council members, but they have not rendered service. This is dishonorable not only to the citizens, but also to the mayor and city of Walthourville. This kind of disrespect and misconduct will not be tolerated.

Don’t be so proud of the Wal-Mart. It’s owned by China. Go in there and count the products, find the products that are American-made —very little. They don’t make an effort to get American-made products. In there, all we do is buy it from countries that support terrorism. And billions are imported from China. So don’t be so proud of it. I don’t go Kroger’s; I want more U.S. products brought in.

As a fan of “History’s Mysteries,” I can’t help but wonder, when was the last time BI won a football game? Better yet, had a winning season?

I’ve a problem with the mobile homes being put up on 196, almost across Dollar General. Hinesville already looks like a village, and instead of improving it, people are allowed to bring old, dirty, raggedy trailer homes on a main road? That looks terrible, and to me, it’s an eyesore. It has to be removed.

How dare you turn your nose up at help from the community! You want help with the band, but only who you pick. Maybe if you would quit trying to run the booster program and excluding community help, the marching band may get better. You have taken four years of hard work and thrown it out the window. You have made our band the laughingstock of high-school marching bands! Hope you are happy with yourself.

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