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Sound Off for Apr. 11
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The statements below were called in anonymously so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity. The statements do not represent opinions of the Courier.

The Lady Highlanders are awesome. The varsity last year, we went the
whole season without winning one game. This year, they won the first
game in March. They're getting better and better.

There is an old saying, if you can't beat 'em join 'em. So, folks,
why pay a developer $30,000 an acre when your friendly farmer will
sell you three acres for the same price bonus your own well.

It will be nice if we can finally get a state representative who is
not an embarrassment to his district.

What goes around, comes around. And, believe me, it will come around
this time.

I got an education, a good job and a retirement. If you dropped out
of school, had children out of wedlock, sold dope, went to jail,
can't get a good job, got on welfare, don't blame me. You are

Good news for illegal aliens. Tired of being harassed? The mayor of
San Francisco has put out the welcome mat. He runs a sanctuary city.

Government of the people, for the people and by the people. Huh.
Doesn't sound like it applies to either Hinesville or Liberty County.

This is to Commissioner Marion Stevens: Last week, those people that
applauded for you are the same people that voted for Jack Waters two
years ago.

I loved your paper today about the little girl, the teenager that
passed away. Her friends at Bradwell also wore pink and they had a
candlelight service with what looked like more than a thousand
candles. I wish you had been notified so you could have had that in
the paper too.

Marion Stevens was the only one looking out for our money on the
million-dollar marina. Lets vote everyone else out.

Why doesn't the Liberty Rec Department make sure their lawns are all
sprayed before the teams start playing soccer and baseball? It's
terrible how many gnats and bugs are right there and families can't
enjoy the games.

The man on the radio said there is an 80 percent discontent with the
government. But I guarantee if the Democrats win the White House and
Congress, it will go to 160 percent.

Hey, for all of you gun lovers who are under the spell of Obama, he
said he doesn't want anybody to have a gun carry permit.

You can tell a lot about a person when he votes in Congress, like
what's his character. The problem with Obama is he voted present 100
times in the Illinois Senate. That tells you nothing.

I agree with the caller who asked what happened to the Korean vets. I
think it's up to the Vietnam vets with all the fine work they do for
this community to do something for the Korean vets as well.

I'm wondering if they are going to come out and spray on White Circle
in Wildwood Homes, or are we just going to keep feeding them out here.

Korean veterans, World War II and World War I veterans considered
what they did a job. So they didn't demand a park. So they didn't get
one. Bless them.

All across America people in churches have some racist things going
on. It's not directed at a specific race, but different things we say
every day could come across to someone else as racist. Obama and
Martin Luther King preached the same thing, but we're not crucifying
Martin Luther King. Think about it, America, we need change.

Open your eyes taxpayers in Liberty County and see your money going
to private developers.

People on Azalea Street are worried about trash from the new Taco
Bell. Well look at the trashy areas around other restaurants already.
At one a dumpster is only about 100 feet away. What's wrong with
these people?

The far left blogs are really evil, saying disgusting things about
Charlton Heston right after he died.

There is one major difference between the current war and past wars,
the numbers of fighting soldiers. If we are serious about winning
this war we need to reinstate the draft, or get out.

With the history of Azalea Street, those resident protesting Taco
Bell should be thankful they're coming in to clean up the area.

The new cut-through road to Frank Cochran from Main is very nice and
handy. But there is not speed limit sign off Main until you're way
down. They need a sign just off Main.

A history lesson, Mr. Obama: We pulled out of Europe right after the
first World War, but had to go right back to fight the second.

I just read in Playboy's May edition that the U.S. military is paying
some 70,000 former Iraqi insurgents $10 a day to fight al Quaeda
instead of American forces. That's $700,000 a day. Just thought you'd
like to know where your tax money is going.

I wonder what the law is for multi-family listings when you're in a
single-household area. It seems like these so-called church groups
are buying up houses. Please help us determine what's going on.

I see stories about people dying trying to come to America for an
education, then a good job. And then you have these lazy, sorry kids
dropping out of schools and when they can't get a good job they whine
and complain.

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