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Sound Off for Apr. 18
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The statements below were called in anonymously so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity. The statements do not represent opinions of the Courier.

I live on the east end of the county. They are going to sink two wells to take 300,000 gallons of water. I wonder if Liberty County is going to extend my well when we lose the water?

Potholes on the streets around Hinesville need attention. Yellow Pine Street just by the railroad tracks has a washout that is very dangerous. Officials, take a look, youíll find more potholes than paved surfaces.

Well, we finally got a good Mexican restaurant in this town. Maybe we can get an Olive Garden, or Zaxby, or Red Lobster. Hey, if we can maybe this wil become a decent town to live in, if we only had a mall.

The landlord that evicted Heart of Christ Ministry must not have a heart.

The police need to do something about the drag racing at 5 p.m. from Gate 7 to 196 before someone gets killed.

Michelle Obama said she likes accessories. She said she's married to one. If Obama is an accessory that means she will run the country if he is elected.

The Democrats keep pushing for a date to get out of Iraq. You don't stop a war unless you win or lose. And note, Democrats, Americans are not losers.

Aren't you people going to get a big surprise when you're telling everyone you're going to get a rebate check and you donít. Not everybody's going to get a rebate check.

I don't believe in the fairy tale of global warming. But I do believe in following the money. If America buys into global warming, into whose pocket will the millions of dollars go that Americans have to pay?

In case the caller hasn't noticed, discontent in this country has run at 160 percent for the last eight years.

I think they need to put a camera or have a cop on Frank Cochran at South Main. It's ridiculous how fast they drive down that road. They're going to have all kinds of wrecks pretty soon. Either that or the cops could make a lot of money writing tickets.

I think that empty plaza at the corner of South Main and Ralph Quarterman would be a nice place for a new Taco Bell.

Our local officials' meetings should be held during a time of day when your average working citizen can attend to represent themselves. Nine a.m. on a Tuesday only excludes people, whether purposely or not.

Ralph Nader's the only one out there that ain't arguing with anybody. He's keeping his opinions to himself.

The article Marcia Futch wrote about the drunk driver destroying her family really touched me and I hope others. You should hire her.

The keeping of an employee's time by non-supervisory employees is unethical and illegal. How can that group on Fort Stewart justify this?

If our administrators would enforce the ID card rule, we wouldn't have to worry about strangers on campus.

Mr. Obama, I hunt to put food on the table and in the freezer.

We have another Christian bookstore in town. I found it yesterday on South Main, by Poole's. It's run by a Christian group and they have a lot of things.

I'm glad they're building a marina on Colonels Island. If these people opposing it would stop and think, pretty soon Yellow Bluff is going to be closed to the public.

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