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Sound off for Apr. 25
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The statements below were called in anonymously so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity. The statements do not represent opinions of the Courier.

It shows how ignorant Jimmy Carter is, meeting with terrorist that vow to kill Americans and Jews. The Bible says, "I will bless them that bless Israel."

I'm calling about Rep. Al Williams. It seems to me we are getting gypped in this area. According to records, Williams missed a fourth of the contested roll call votes in the just passed session.

Some people in this town need to stop and look at their friends and say, "hmm, they're talking trash about everybody else, maybe they are talking trash about me."

Why is it that individuals lie, conceal evidence that could help solve a case and nothing is never done to them. Should they be prosecuted as though they were the ones who committed the crime?

Oh, I get what Obama means. There's hope that the change he wants works out.

There is a local realtor taking signs that say for sale by owner. They want you to have a hard time selling your home, forcing you to list with them so they can collect, in my case $14,000 in real estate commissions.

Here's another history lesson for Mr. Obama. We pulled out of Vietnam but thank God we didn't have to go back.

I don't understand why all the attacks are against Mr. Obama. He's not the only Democrat running, but you never see anything about Hillary Clinton in Sound off.

I'm a parent of two high school students, a middle school student and an elementary student. The new high school dress uniform policy is nonsense. They give the little kids more choice than the bigger kids

I've known that adultery is a sin in the Bible, but I've also been told it is a felony in Georgia. Can anyone give me some information or insight on this?

I'm sure most Azalea Street residents are pleased their area is being cleaned up, but they also don't need a fast food restaurant sitting in the middle of their living area.

I would be careful with decisions you make in a hurry because in the future they may turn around and hit you.

Isn't terrible the way the real estate market has gone down? I bet those agents and brokers are really taking a hard hit. I think we're headed for a depression.

Here's my answer to the caller who wanted to know if Michelle Obama was going to run the country: It couldn't be any worse than what we've got.

At least Jimmy Carter is consistent. He was a bad president and is continuing to be a bad former president.

I hate groups that claim to be Christian organizations that are exclusively them and don't include everybody. I thought Christians were supposed to love everyone like they do themselves.

The caller who told the Democrats that American are not losers was absolutely right. But how do you win a war that is not winnable. It is time to get out and save young Americans when doing so.

Parents, if you can't afford a sitter please stay at home with your crying baby so the rest of who paid our tickets can actually watch and enjoy the movie.

Well, well, well, another pile up at the intersection of Arlington and 196, I do declare. Do you think a traffic signal might help, duh?

Since the Courier pointed out that the hospital has finally turned a profit does that mean the chairman of the hospital authority has to give back his non-profit civic award.

Whoever patched all those potholes on 196 West is not fit to have the job and should be fired.

I finally figured out how to get a job with the state driver's license bureau. You've got to have no personality.

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