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Sound Off for Apr. 6
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The statements below were called in anonymously so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity. The statements do not represent opinions of the Courier. 

Well, we have to drive to Richmond Hill or Savannah to get cheapergas, to go to the mall or even get bus service. Many people are riding buses to save gas, but we can't. But they want a marina? Give me something better.

The black pastors on TV supporting Obama's pastor say his views are normal in black churches across America. If true, America doesn't have a chance.

We've been waiting a year now for you, Long County, to build a retaining wall at the culvert at the end of Rye Patch Road at Dena Circle. The man shouldn't have to shovel it out that lives by there. After you plow the road it is very dangerous to all vehicles and the school buses.

In the past, the Indians had their lands taken away from them. They were killed and put on the reservation. They've moved on with their lives and I respect them for that.

Only 10 percent of Liberty County residents own fishing licenses andeven fewer own boats. Why do we need a boat marina and spend all that taxpayer money when we could spend it on something we'd do better with.

I read in the paper about vets getting a park for the Vietnamveterans. What really upsets me is everybody worries about giving tribute to the Vietnam veterans, but what happened to the ones that gave their lives, time and devotion in the Korean conflict.

Because of environmentalists, we can't drill in ANWR in Alaska, offof California, off the Gulf Coast of Florida, off the East Coast andon government land. When OPEC charges $200 a barrel, you'll know whoto thank.

Instead of the government paying farmers money to not grow crops, they need to encourage them to grow crops so that our prices go downand we lose our dependency on foreign imports.

There should be no plea bargaining, pre-trial agreements or probation in child assault abuse cases.

I agree with Sunday's caller about Timber Ridge. Maybe we should make our street not a cut through from Gen. Screven to Frank Cochran. Maybe it would stop all the fast driving through here.

At 10 o'clock this morning I washed my vehicle and by noon it rained. You see, you wash your vechicle and it will rain. It helps.

Environmentalists are hypocrites. They say windmills for energy. Butfor the little energy you get from them they kill thousands of birds.

I wish the city would start spraying for mosquitoes now. If they wait, mosquitoes will be so bad we won't even be able to go outside.They're pretty bad in some places already.

I think it's very nice they paved the road into Hinesville Cemetery. Unfortunately they did not make it wide enough for two cars to pass. It makes it difficult to get out. And they didn't put up any signs ifit is one way or to keep off the grass.

I'd like to say thank you to the Liberty County road crew for all thewonderful work they are doing on the dirt road in Gum Branch. You'redoing an awesome job. Keep up the good work.

To the person that stole the table and one lawn chair from Dolly's Insurance, you forgot the umbrella and three other chairs.

City officials, not only does 196 have a problem with potholes. Howabout checking out the potholes behind the Coastal Bank and the little yellow street, I forgot the name, by the railroad track.

We pay 50 percent of our annual income toward taxes alone. Is this fair? No. But what if our wealth senators had to pay 50 percent oftheir income to taxation? How long do you think it would take beforewe got some tax relief? Not long.

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