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Sound off for Feb. 14
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The statements below were called in anonymously so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity. The statements do not represent opinions of the Courier.

 Water-boarding is torture? Try having a nasal-gastric tube shoved up your nose and down your throat. I'm 60 years old and cried like a baby. That is legalized torture.

Could Bill Clinton be vice president for Mrs. Clinton if she should get to be president?

Well, on rebate checks we started out with a $1,800 check for taxpaying families. Now it's down to $1,000. After the government sends out checks to all the homeless people, illegal aliens and people in prisoners, the taxpaying families will be lucky to get $200.

It does not take a true leader 20 years to recognize cronyism when he sees it.

The president needs to impose sanctions against the communist state of California for not allowing those Marine recruiters to do their jobs.

When I went to the polls to vote nobody asked me if I was black. I didn't fill out any papers saying I was black. So how did these computers figure out I as black?

I don't know why somebody would criticize the Kennedy brothers. They always stood for American and when they saluted the flag they respected it. However, Mr. Barack Obama doesn't know how to salute the flag and doesn't even know the words to the Pledge of Allegiance.

Hillary Clinton on a recent visit to Iraq asked a Green Beret if he was afraid of anything. His response was yes, Osama, Obama and you're mama.

No only is it dangerous but it is also annoying when people drive 100-200 feet in the middle, turning lane. Some of us need to go back and review the driving course.

Dear Mr. Mayor, I applaud that you have integrity and the will to do what is right, but to disclose your opinion on a candidate for president was out of line. Our community is becoming more and more divided over race.

That snowman down on Highway 84 sure looks tacky.

Oh no, my washing machine just tore up. Oh, it's that blasted global warming.

Democrats are against water-boarding, but are for abortion. Which is the most destructive to the human race?

Here it is tax season and all the companies are out to try to get people's money. Give them a break, man, let them enjoy the money a little while.

If there's going to be a parade on the Frank Cochran extension when the soldiers get back from Iraq. That will be nice.

What's wrong with being a liberal? Jesus was a liberal. He fed the poor and expected nothing in return.

I'm not voting for Barack Obama just because he's black. I'm voting for him because we've had 250 years of white folk running the country and it's in no better shape than it is. Give a black man a chance.

This is to whoever it is driving down Smiley Crossroads Road during the day with the boop-de-boop going. I've got bad ears and I hear you inside my house. There is a noise ordinance and people don't like  hearing all that.

A little tidbit of advice to you, the one driving those little 1980 cars: We're not in the '80s anymore. You don't look cool. It makes you look like a nerd.

I would rather depend on the French to protect me from terrorists, than depend on the Democrats.

If y'all think one person killed four men and two women, you're crazy, but the truth will come out.

INS did a good job in Hinesville. Now they need to raid the Fort Stewart contractors and the North Korean commissary.

If someone killed six people he should have gotten the death penalty. Even the court didn't believe he did it. They gave him life.

Gum Branch should be known as the place for metal monkeys. All I see is a bunch of metal monkeys driving around now.

To the caller who said Clinton, Obama and McCain are all liberals, thank goodness. Conservatism has run this country into the ground.

The lake in Fairington Subdivision is not a makeout point for teenagers. Parents in the subdivision, if you don't know where your teenagers are try the lake and come get them from behind my house.

Thank you to the faculty and staff of Taylors Creek Elementary for your dedication for supporting our children.

I may be old fashioned, but I wouldn't elect a junior senator as president no more than I would make the bag boy the president of a grocery chain.

A serious, four-car pile up with baby on board and people taken off on stretchers, another two and three car pile up at same location last week, E.G. Miles and Arlington Park needs a center turn lane or traffic light now.

The problem is not just with the gasoline being so expensive. The U.S. automakers need to get out of bed with the oil companies and make cars that get 30 miles per gallon or higher. They did it in the past with carbureted vehicles and could now, too.


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