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Sound off for Feb. 22
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The statements below were called in anonymously so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity. The statements do not represent opinions of the Courier.

Allenhurst ex-council members attended the town council meeting Monday night and made a mockery of the entire meeting. It was shameful.

When people leave the polycart out by the curb all week I think it makes the neighborhood look trashy. Or am I just being old fashioned?

After 12 years of the conservative revolution, this nation is in the worse shape it has ever been in. Let the rightwing conservatives compromise their principles and vote for Hillary or Obama instead of McCain. We Demos and liberals will gladly accept their votes.

The Courier needs to report the trial results as a crime deterrent like the other Liberty County newspaper, The Frontline, does in its Justice Service column.

Someone said supply and demand determines why gas prices are so high in Liberty County. We'll you've got the supply now we demand you stop being so greedy and lower the prices.

The communist country of Berkley, Calif., is for Obama. Why would anybody in Georgia be for him?

I have a gift certificate from the Shrimp Docks in Sunbury. I want to know who to get a hold of to get my money back since they have closed up.

I have a good paying job. I have a nice house. And I have two cars. I would be glad to have my taxes raised if it would help someone in need. Have a heart, people, and stop complaining.

I believe Barack Obama would make the best president of all the candidates because the world has about run out of white people that they can trust.

How could anyone be commander in chief of the military when they don't believe in saluting the flag that means so much to our military people?

Global warming strikes again. My wife just burned the meatloaf.

The must destructive to the human race has been the Republicans taking this country to an unjustified war.

Carolyn Brown gets 30 years for mishandling $1 million. The chairman for the hospital authority gets a civic award for losing $45 million. Someone please explain this to me.

I drive an '84 vehicle in very good shape. I'm not a nerd. I know I'm cool. It will turn just as many heads as a brand new one will.

I liken this love fest with Obama to a night of fun and heavy drinking and waking up the next morning with a hangover and saying, why did I do it.

You say Jesus was a liberal? I don't think so because Jesus would not be for killing babies with abortion, which is the liberals' highest priority.

Is there a Baptist church in Liberty or Long county with a program for deaf people? There are many deaf people in this area that need someone to sign for them in the service so they know what is being said.

You say the white man can't run America. Well just compare America to the all black leaders running some of the countries in Africa. You wouldn't want to live there.

Thank you, Liberty County. Thank you, Emergency Assistance Team. We had a wonderful time Friday night in Gum Branch at the teams' sweetheart dance. Those girls did a good job.

That person who said he'd rather have the French protect him from terrorism should go to France to live.

If the Democrats win the White House and the troops come home without winning the war, the terrorists will follow them to America.

I see where those tornadoes took out a lot of houses in Georgia. That's terrible. I feel for them. I'll pray for them.

Today is Veterans Day. In honor of veterans that died I will not vote for someone who does not respect the American Flag.

Some articles in the Courier recently have been so light that we could not read them. They include the one about child sex slaves. You need to publish them again. We paid for them, but can't read them.

I'm a soldier, retired 22 years, from Ohio. Today, I drove my nine-year-old pickup truck with an alligator in the back made out of a tire. Do I now qualify as a true redneck?

Obama keeps talking about the money that industry bosses make, but not a word about the millions stars make for each movie.

I go to the hospital needing a dangerous surgery. My choices are a first-year, articulate intern or an experienced surgeon. Common sense says choose the surgeon.

I've been calling all over Hinesville today about a dead animal at the corner of Varnedoe and Bacon.  It's sad to say but the police, OMI, environmental health, the shelter, Animal Control, the sheriff don't care because it's not a human.

A traffic signal on E.G. Miles at Arlington? No way, someone has to die first.

Why not elect a junior senator to be president? You've elected the former owner of a failed baseball team to be president.

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