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Sound off for Feb. 29
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The statements below were called in anonymously so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity. The statements do not represent opinions of the Courier.

If you conservative Republicans sit this election out because of so- called principles, and the Democrats win, you have no principles.

I'm concerned about the person who keeps calling in about the white people who have ruined this country. That sounds like racism to me  and I find it offensive.

When are they going to do something about the long lines at the post  office? They need more help.

Actually what the Courier should do is stop publishing the names of  those who have been arrested and not tried and convicted. Just  because you are arrested of something doesn't mean you are guilty of  it. There should not be a public record of that.

Why did you publish a picture of students that competed in a 4-H public speaking competition with one flashing a gang sign?

I can tell you one thing, the American people better wake up about this presidential campaign. It's terrible to think about what's going on overseas about the war. The Democrats, neither one of them, is concerned about the war. John McCain is the only one who cares. We need him to take care of this war.

That person worried about the bag boy taking over the grocery chain probably voted for George Bush. That's why prices are so high. The bag boy would have kept prices so his friends could get something too.

I think the president should put a freeze on the postal service so they can't raise the price of stamps for at least five years. Every year they raise stamps. You can't even mail off bills because it costs a small fortune.

In Savannah they had a store that was selling gasoline for $1.99 a gallon. If they have a store that can do that for one day, that tells me are being ripped off by whoever is selling gasoline here and all these other counties. They are just trying to get rich off the poor people.

I believe 115 percent that printing information about trials in the paper will deter crime among teens and young adults.

Liberty County commissioners, meet the state of Georgia Ethics Board.

Standing at attention is another form of saluting the flag. You do not have to put you hand over your heart. All you people thinking Obama didn't salute the flag, take another look at that picture.

Liberty County taxpayers, we need to come up with a count of this stormwater fee we're paying and all this rain we're getting. Where is it going, down the drain?

This call is to the caller who said Obama is the logical choice for president because there are no longer any white men who can be trusted. Isn't his momma white? Doesn't that make him half white?

Why wasn't Frank Long having any dress down days? I thought all schools were supposed to have some dress down days for students.

A black man can do just as well as a white man. Only thing is the color. And by the grace of God, if you're born white, you're white and if you're born black, you're black. But all of us have contributed to this America.

To all you readers against Barack Obama being president, you're just prejudice and don't believe in the Constitution. All men are created equal. You don't know what he can do unless you give him a chance.

I retired from the Army. My husband retired from the Army. His brother was in the Navy and my dad was in the Navy. I just don't think it is right to have a commander in chief who has never been in the military.

In our Rye Patch community our officials in Ludowici have approved an 800-acre housing development with no public disclosure. One acre will sell for $28,500. Yet we farmers are not allowed to sell less than three acres. Double standard? You bet.

For the people taken by Obama, I can tell there have been a lot of used cars bought in your life.

Association is important. has a full-page ad in support of Obama. You people with common sense better think about your vote.

To the caller who blames the Republicans for the unjust war, look at the names in the Senate and House who voted. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, even John Kerry flip-flopped.

Obama would not be the first black elected to be president. What we'll actually have is a biracial man who was raised by white people.

I just don't understand why we have to celebrate Martin Luther King Day in school when we can't even have prayer in school.

I'm calling about my electric bill with EMC in Midway. Last month it was $426. This month it is $482. It's ridiculous. Something needs to be done.

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