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Sound off for Feb. 8
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 The statements below were called in anonymously so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity. The statements do not represent opinions of the Courier.

Who was that Bush-Cheney spell good for, the rich and wealthy?

I thought slot machines were illegal in Georgia. In Ludowici we have two.

What is the difference between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain? Nothing. They are all liberals.

In-school suspension isn't much of a punishment if the students are allowed to have pizza delivered to the room.

Supply and demand has nothing to do with the gas prices being higher here than in surrounding communities. It is greed, pure and simple.

Why is it that the hospital authority and hospital management, after losing money for years, still send people to the Black Caucus and pay their way? I'm country, not stupid.

I had just as soon vote for Tiger Woods for president. He's articulate, he's black and I know he can play golf.

To all those people out there complaining about the Eleven Black Men receiving taxpayers' dollars need to read the rules and regulations. These are not tax dollars, cannot offset property taxes. Read before you open your mouth.

If $11,000 could educate your neighbors' kids to stay off drugs then you wouldn't have a problem of someone breaking into your house to support their habit. And if someone does get on drugs, guess what, your tax dollars will pay to house them in jail.

To the caller who said Democrats can't wait to raise taxes and the rich pay 20 percent of all taxes, guess what, I pay more than 20 percent.

Well, change is a big joke. It's going to be two years, at least, before any changes are made by a new president. All these people want to do is get in office. We just have to make the right choice who gets in office.

For the rich people: When Obama or Clinton is elected and there is socialized medicine, what country will you go to when you are put on a list to wait six months for an operation?

Hey, Mr. Editor, who paid for that great endorsement for the mayor? Did you or the Democrats pay for it, or was it just free for him. I guess we know what side of the ticket you guys are on.
Editor's note: What are you talking about?

The Taj Mahal on 84, better known as the chamber of commerce, how come they can't afford a flag? That's sickening. They've got a brand new flagpole and a nice building, but no flag.

I want to comment on all the black and white things in Sound off. I think it's ridiculous how much color is coming up now that we have a white lady and black man running for president. If we could get over the color and think about the issues going on, we'd have a better country.

When did it become OK for poll workers to help people pick what party they are supposed to vote for? I thought they weren't supposed to discuss this with anybody.

Enough about the stadium name, what about the Hinesville bypass? I saw a big rig in a deep ditch in front of Goody's last week. What about the bypass?

Law enforcement around Midway, you may want to talk to the man riding a bike to the Midway Industrial Park with no lights or light clothing. I liked to have nearly hit him last week around 6:15.

If you want an organization for 11 white men, why not start it yourself. Why does it have to always be a councilman, or state or whatever that starts it? If you want something for your race, then start on instead of complaining about those who do care enough about their race to start one.

I remember John Kennedy and Barack Obama is no John Kennedy.

If the Democrats win the White House everyone will be equal in one sense: Everybody will have the same bad health care.

Our mayor should have thought twice before he endorsed Barack Obama. This is his personal opinion and he shouldn't broadcast to the citizens. He shouldn't use his office to influence voters. I'm upset with the Courier for even having printed this.

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