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Sound off for Jan. 16
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The statements below were called in anonymously so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity. The statements do not represent opinions of the Courier.

 To all these young girls or ladies that are having two and three babies with no job or education, please wake up before it is too late. Get help from the health department and take it and use it right. There are a lot of diseases out there.

Lets put it this way: If all those big trucks and commercial trucks got to have that 1-800 number saying I am safe, why not put it on regular cars? They cause more wrecks than the trucks.

Did you get your phone book today? I guess we're paying a tax increase for Liberty Regional for this magnet we got.

I agree with the caller about the 45 mph speed on Highway 144. It's really dangerous on 119. People just fly through there and ride your bumper. And if you see military police they just usually ignore the speeders.

I'm so tired of the racism against whites. What would be the outcome if $11,000 was requested for 11 white men, or a celebration for an important white person like Lincoln, or an only white college fund?  
Enough is enough.

If those carpetbaggers in Atlanta try to steal my water there will be a shooting war.

Hey city of Hinesville, there are 14 of us living in our house and none of us are kin. I can't wait until you come try to separate us.

If 11 black men of our city can get $11,000 of taxpayers' money, why can't 11 white men and 11 Hispanic and 11 Indians, all get $11,000 each?

Is there any way there can be a re-vote to name the stadium at Liberty County High School? My daughter is a senior there, been there four years and doesn't know the man the stadium is being named after. That's really unfair to the students.

I was interested to see all the comments about the 11 Black Men of Liberty County in Sound off. I didn't put my comments there. I put my comments in Mr. Lovett's ear and suggest others do the same thing.

Does city hall now condone love affairs between council members and their employees?

In reference to the call about the dead dog on the side of the road and Animal Control: Animal Control doesn't handle that. If you see a dead dog, just call OMI. It is that easy.

It is a sad day when custodians employed by the Liberty County Board of Education can start writing up teachers.

If you send me a gift and then sit around waiting for a thank you note, please just don't send me the gift.

Editor, you are wasting valuable space publishing the real estate transfers the way they are. The average citizen can't tell what is what. Please go back to old way or just enlarge the suduko puzzle.

Many years ago a walking trail was put down in James Brown Park. It is very nice, but lately it has become a hazard. The asphalt needs to be replaced. Who is responsible for it? We want to continue to have a nice place to walk.

The caller worried about asking for change was totally wrong. The last time we got change we got George Bush, not Jimmy Carter.

It looks like about everybody has fallen under the spell of Hillary or Obama and will probably make the same mistake and put the Democrats back in the White House. So I'll go ahead and buy my black armbands now.

You have two choices. Vote for Giuliani and keep your money through tax cuts or vote for the Democrats and get tax increases.

Thank God for special people who give special gifts to other special people.

Thank goodness the board of education cost $9 million. I'm really glad they spent my special incentive tax on that. I wish they could hire some teachers for special education because they don't have any in elementary schools.

Coach Jones, reflecting on that decision you made in Atlanta: That was a good decision. Thank you for teaching players responsibility.  Thank you for your service, sir.

Fire a coach because the players don't abide by the rules and show up on time? What is wrong with the school system?

I am sad that coach Jones' misfortune was considered front page news with such a harsh title. Shame on you, Courier.

I see you print the letters and comments that support the coach that got fired. Why not print the comments that support the board of education that made the right decision?

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