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Sound off for Jan. 2
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The statements below were phoned in anonymously. They do not represent opinions of the Courier. And since the calls were anonymous we cannot say if they are true:


This is to the lady who lost her wallet at the Hinesville post office. I just wanted to let you know that I am the Good Samaritan that picked it up and gave it to Nathan in the post office. You lost it Dec. 27 between 9:30 and 10. I just wanted to let you know there are some good people out there. Sorry that I missed you when you returned two minutes later to pick it up.
Thanks to the tarnishing of golden boy Roger Clemens, now Barry Bonds doesn’t look quite as bad.
Why do police ignore the noise violation law? I have neighbors who blast their music out of the cars, it seems, 24/7. It vibrates into my bedroom where I sleep during the day. All I hear is boom, boom, boom from the stupid bass. Their house is a good 100 feet from my house so I shouldn’t hear anything because the noise law says 100 feet. Yet the police drive down my street and do nothing. ... Why patrol if you are not going to do anything?
I hope one of those new units coming to Fort Stewart is a medical detachment so we can get appointments at the hospital again.
Muslim women cover themselves when they are out. Maybe Christians can take a lesson from them.
Concerning water sources for our part of the state, a few years ago we had what could easily be an emergency water reservoir at Fort Stewart called Pond 4. Pond 4 had approximately 2,000 acres of water before it was drained. Please city and county officials, encourage the proper authorities at Fort Stewart to reinstate this body of water for emergencies.
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