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Sound off for Jan. 30
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These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives.

Why doesn’t the town of Hinesville do something about the light down here by Cici’s Pizza and the old Taco Bell? It stays red for ever when you’re trying to leave Cici’s.

I applaud Mr. Quarterman’s decision and ability to make a decision to resign from the LCDA for the good of the community. It appears the LCDA has yet again demonstrated its inability to make effect decisions.

 All I’m concerned about is they keep calling Obama a black man. Obama has a white mama so that makes him as much white as he black.

 How sad that school principal’s encouraged watching TV all day on inauguration day and the board of education condoning it. How sad that our kids lost a day of education.

 Some friends and I just left the Oglethorpe Room here in Hinesville and we had an amazing time, amazing food. Local people own it and run it. We need to support them more.

 They’re making such a big deal about Obama being the first black president. How about the first Latin person being president?

 Yes, Carolyn Brown can get paroled as soon as we get back the $2 million she stole from the county.

 I have heard and seen so much about Barack Obama until I could just throw up.

 The power is off. I’m cold. I can’t cook. And all I get is a recorded message at Georgia Power.

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