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Sound off for Jan. 9
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These statements were phoned in anonymously to the Courier. They do not represent the Courier's opinion. And we do not vouch for their veracity.


It’s not the clothes that you wear, it’s the character that you are in Christ.
What is the sense of calling in to Sound off when you don’t print them anyway. I think you print what you want to print.
The 45 mph speed limit on Highway 144 has made it more dangerous. Several times while driving 45 mph recently, I’ve had multiple cars fly up to my rear bumper, around me and then violently cut in front of me to let me know I’m too slow for them. I see no enforcement presence. Someone’s going to get killed on a curve.  CG, are you listening?
I was driving down South Main the other day and saw a lady in an Animal Control vehicle drive around a dead dog. She did not stop, investigate, pick the animal up and dispose of it. What is your policy on this?
The proposal from (Liberty County) Commissioner (Donald) Lovette for $11,000 to be given to the Eleven Black Men organization is totally wrong for the taxpayers of this county. The United Way has a program where you can get donations if you go to them and budget and itemize what you want. I sat on that board for six years and saw many things to include the Eleven Black Men.
Commissioner Lovette, if you want to mentor somebody get in your own district, go to Bradwell and Liberty County and find out how many teenagers have quit school and are walking the streets buying and selling drugs. Get out on the street and mentor them if you want your Eleven Black Men to do something.
On the noise and boom boxes coming from automobiles, at one time the chief of police, and mayor got with the provost marshal and the commander at Fort Stewart and jointly cracked down on the noise. They did and it worked, but somebody wimped out on us.
Change the format of the Sunday crossword puzzle to half the page so you can fold it.

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