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Sound off for Mar. 14
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The statements below were called in anonymously so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity. The statements do not represent opinions of the Courier.

Bradwell just defeated Savannah Arts Academy, 2-1 in overtime.

Is it a conflict of interest if the county commissioners are using taxpayer money to acquire land from an attorney-owned property while the county attorney is a member of the said law firm?

Taxpayers, please be aware that our elected commissioners are using taxpayer money to provide recreational facilities that will benefit very few while ignoring our demands and needs for an east-end ambulance and or ignoring that a great deal of money is needed to upgrade our fire and safety departments just to meet the growth of the county.

By raising our property taxes our Liberty and Long county officials are killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Lower property taxes are right next door in Glennville and Pembroke. See ya, wouldn't want to be ya.

Obama says he is OK with abortion and is a devout Christian. You can't be a devout Christian and be OK with abortion.

The government got it wrong with ethanol fuel. Now they've got it wrong with the small fluorescent lights. When broken they release mercury.

Ladies, beware of a certain oil-change person. Not only do they not do what you want them to, they also have sticky fingers.

Everybody's got a past. Lets not get started on those deep dark pasts, especially the ones in office.

I was wondering of the people at the commission meeting opposing the marina on Colonels Island will be worried about the drunkenness and safety of the children and the traffic on the roads when they have their big St. Patrick's parade? I think the marina is an excellent idea for all of Liberty County.

I think the residents of Colonels Island at the commissioners meeting are being a little selfish. The taxpayers of Liberty County deserve to have another marina to put their boats in or whatever.

I'm so tired of hearing Dot Moss complain about things in Liberty County that don't look good. Maybe she should move to Chatham County.

Liberty County commissioners, don't let a handful of residents stop the purchase of the land for the marina. It is an excellent idea. We need another marina for all of the county.

Taxpayers of Twin Rivers, the taxpayers of Colonels Island would be more than happy to give you our $1.5 million dock deal. Call your county commissioner. He's voting yes.

I'm in District 1. I'd like to say to the people on Azalea Street, thank you for packing city hall night before last. Our councilman is not doing a good job to keep us informed of what's going on. Putting Taco Bell near Azalea would be too much traffic.

That alligator made out of a tire, I dug out of the trash. Someone had him for years. I painted him green and plan to put him out in front of my house soon.

The gas prices are never going to go down. And these people building all these houses in Hinesville, Gum Branch or whatever, they aren't too bright. They are not going to sell. And if they do sell the people are going to lose them. We're in a recession.

Liberty County should pass a law that all licensed animals should be spayed or neutered unless they are pedigreed and the owner plans to breed them. We also should have a no-kill shelter.

The phone in the White House is answered by George Bush. The caller says, well, maybe we're going to be attacked. Bush says attack, attack now.

To the caller who asked if the Democrats think the oil companies are paying $55 a barrel: Does George Bush know the oil companies are paying $55 a barrel?

Would the hospital authority please tell us what Dr. Glenn Carter did wrong that they revoked his membership at the hospital. At to this year, and the five years it's been going on, they still have not told us. At least have the decency to tell us what he did.

Hey, America, how about this for a new television series: George Bush as Kemo Sabe and John McCain as Tonto.

I wish the Democratic Congress would try to get the FDA to do their jobs as much as they are trying to protect the terrorists from waterboarding.

Obama says lets put 9/11 behind us. I bet the 9/11 families won't agree with that.

To the person that found my wallet at Wal-Mart on March 9, but decided not to turn it in and just left it in the cart: I hope the money will feed your family because the fact is you took the food away from my family. It's too bad honesty cannot be better in Hinesville.

Could somebody explain to me for all of us who voted for the Kemp-DeLoach-Williams tax break why we have to go down to the courthouse to take care of it? It was voted in by the state. It should be automatically be taken care of.

These people griping about gas prices in Hinesville better gas up good before they go to Glennville. It's a nickel a gallon more there. And then when you get to Claxton it's another three cents a gallon higher. Ouch.

State law allows secrecy during land acquisitions. It does not mandate it. Come on, commissioners, more transparency, not less.

I was concerned about the new boat ramp that is being proposed. We already have one at Jones Creek that the county owns and that is in disrepair. That could be fixed up for a lot less money, make the channel a little deeper. Why should we think they would keep a new facility up?

To the caller who said Obama is too far-left liberal with too many social spending programs: I think we need to spend it on social programs and not let the homefront go by the wayside. And, by the way, it's costing us $12 billion a month for this Iraqi war.

If John McCain is elected president, what war is he going to drag us into?

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