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Sound off for Mar. 30
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The statements below were called in anonymously so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity. The statements do not represent opinions of the Courier.

I wish the mayor and the newly elected city council members had to live in Timber Ridge and had to listen to the boomboxes in the cars running down our streets all night long, a booming that cuts right through your house.

As a tax-paying citizen of Long County, I think the school board needs to make it public as to why they are seeking a new school superintendent. If not, maybe we should seek some new school board members.

City officials, do you ever drive down 196 from Gen. Screven west? There are so many potholes in the manholes areas that need help. The holes are atrocious and need to be fixed.

It was obvious from the first line of the story about the Democrat Rep. Ron Sailor's Jr. drug laundering crimes that he was a Democrat simply because his party affiliation was not mentioned. If he had been a Republican it would have been in the headline in bold letters.

If soccer players are fatigued, wouldn't the smart thing be to put in new players instead of players that are exhausted. Maybe you could get a win that way.

Correct, there will also be a need for pubic access to water for recreation. But we need to assure it is for all residents, not just the fewer property owners in the immediate area.

I agree with the caller who said they should put a recreation center in the east end for those children rather than spend all that money on a new marina that very few people use. We need to spend our money more wisely and we need to vote these people out that don't support the children.

Considering the Cattle Hammock marina, the $1.5 million is just for the land and not including the facilities that will cost another $2 million to build.

On television they say something is wrong with our education system. Well, why can legal immigrants not speaking English come here, get an education and get good jobs. And people born here are too lazy to do the same thing. But they sure can complain.

Aren't our local city commissioners and city council members supposed to be working for us? Why do they put up roadblocks for landowners wishing to sell land? Their job is to solve problems, not cause them.

What we seriously need on the east of the county is not a marina. What we really is need tornado sounding alarms and storms systems to warn the people when we have a bad storm.

I had to cancel a doctor's appointment for my wife. And I didn't get mail. I live on Mary Todd Road and the roads were so bad we couldn't even leave our driveway.

All things considered and for the record, it was down right stupid for the board of education to not schedule spring break to coincide with Easter. Yes, Easter was early, but all you go to do is look at a calendar.

I absolutely love the Lady Highlanders. The JV is awesome. And the varsity, they are getting better. The Highlanders are from First Presbyterian in Hinesville.

I just saw in the paper where my friend called about the trees in my yard. But she made a mistake. The city didn't cut down my trees. She meant to say the city should make the businesses get permits to do that. The business is just doing what they want to do and charging me like crazy.

I want to thank God for bringing the 3rd Infantry Division soldiers home. Also, all you leeches, shysters and crooks out there in the business world don't take advantage of our soldiers. If you want to do something for them, do it in principal, not in profit.

Obama as a state senator voted present 100 times. That is not making decisions. Do you really want to make him president?

To Friday's caller, the gay governor who is married and has children has never made me give a sit-down thought about how many gay men there are around here. In fact, I'm too busy minding my own business to worry about much else.

We don't need a boat ramp. Why don't we just build a nice park like Savannah's Lake Meyer? It's nice to walk out there, enjoy a book and play tennis. We have nothing in activities for families to enjoy here in Hinesville.

To the ones running for president, when I see an oil company executive indicted for price fixing, you are the one I will vote for.

If people don't like the way things are done in this county the road that brought them into this county will also take them out of this county. So feel free to leave, please.

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