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Sound off for May 2
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These shootings and the drive-bys and all the other things going on in Hinesville, the police have got to start patrolling and looking for indicators, rather than just cruising around looking for speeders. We've got to have some police visibility and action instead of reaction

They need to put a speed trap here on North Main Street. People come by here round about 4 or 5 o'clock going 40-50 miles per house. The limit is 30. Cops could make themselves some money.
The statements below were called in anonymously so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity. The statements do not represent opinions of the Courier.

Well, I see where John McCain wants to give us an 18-cent tax break on gasoline over the summer. Isn't that the same thing as grandpa wants to give you $5?

To the person who lost the for sale by owner sign, it probably wasn’t a realtor, but the sign inspector the city hired. The Hinesville Board of Realtors is appealing this action. A lot of realtors have lost signs too.

I'm about sick of Liberty Cinema changing the dang time of all the movies.

To the caller who said be careful of decisions you make in a hurry because they can turn around and hit you, George Bush has been hitting me for about eight years.

Whoever took the picture of the Restless Rebels performing needs to get a new camera? I got the paper today and couldn’t identify a person in the group.

George Bush is consistent too, bad president, bad son.

As a restaurant manager, the reason we throw trash out the back door and in the street, instead of in a dumpster just 100 feet away is that it would cost too much in labor costs, cut into our profits and we'd have to raise prices.

More development, more crime, well Hinesville, welcome to the big time.

I'm replying about the call last week about Jimmy Carter being a bad president. At least he won the Nobel Peace Prize for president. The only think I like about Bush is Busch Beer.

The only way to avoid another four years of George Bush policies is for Democrats to unite behind whoever the party nominee is. Otherwise we will lose in November. We've got to defeat McBush.

Here we go again, Georgia Power is seeking to increase our power bills again. Why not, everyone else is? No one helps me pay for increases in food, gas and so forth. Yet Georgia Power, which can afford it the most, is asking to get $3 a month more from every user. Is there no end?

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