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Wake up and watch 'Morning Glory'
Showtime with Sasha
morning glory
Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford star in "Morning Glory" - photo by Studio photo

The film question of the day is: When is it OK to give up on your dreams?
Well, to investigate, let’s catch up with actress Rachel McAdams. She portrays a single, young television morning show producer in “Morning Glory,” a fun drama/comedy that’s in theaters now. You’ll remember McAdams from her role in “The Notebook.”
What is her dream in the new film? In short: “Good Morning America.” In fact, when she is the victim of cutbacks at her rinky dink New Jersey morning show, she uses her quirky, type A personality to try and snag a network gig.
What does she get? A terrible network morning show called “Daybreak.” The troubled mainstay isn’t exactly her dream come true, but she sticks with it and even meets a fella along the way.
I’ve been in love with “Morning Glory” since I first saw a preview many months ago. What a fantastic cast!
You’ll remember McAdams’ love interest Patrick Wilson from my review of the Anniston comedy “The Switch.” (Sidebar: We like his teeth. Interestingly enough Jeff Goldbloom was also in both films.)
Of course it’s McAdams and her chief co-stars, Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford, who are most central to the film. They all churn out wonderful performances. I can’t help but think Keaton and Ford had the time of their lives on the set.
I’d have to be terribly nitpicky to find something bad about the film, but I’ll give it a try. Why does Harrison Ford have to talk so gruffly throughout the movie? He sounds a little like Oscar the Grouch.
The best thing about the film? Ernie the weather guy acted by Matt Malloy. He is laugh-out-loud hilarious in this already highly entertaining project.
I’m a fan!
Guys, here’s a hint, take your ladies to see this one — thumbs up! And be sure to re-watch the brilliant classic “Broadcast News.” The two are a lot alike.

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