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11 small things to do on days when your husband is driving you crazy
You love him ... but sometimes you just need a break. - photo by Amberlee Lovell
You love your husband, and he loves you; but we all have those days where little things majorly bug us. On those days, here are a few small things you can do to prevent yourself from exploding into an outpouring of words you will later regret.

Keep a love journal

There are so many simple things he does for you each day. Start a little journal to document the time he scraped that ice off your windshield, or gave you a hug at just the right moment. Youll probably find your annoyance starting to fade as you write.

Drive to the middle of nowhere

and then yell. Just get it all out. Obviously this isnt always a possibility, but it does wonders for the soul.

Call a friend whos having a hard time

You never want to bad-mouth your husband to your family or friends when youre angry, because once the fight is over, youll forget it, but they wont. But calling a friend who is having a hard time just to chat can help put your own life in perspective, cheer them up, and pull you out of a selfish slump.

Stay off Instagram

This is not the right time to see your friend bragging about her perfect hubby who just surprised her with flowers. Social media usually shows the magical side of relationships, which is great; but not on days when youre annoyed about yours.

Go for a walk

Its a chance to get out of the house, breathe fresh air, appreciate the beautiful things around you, and get a little exercise.

Separate him from what he is doing

Just because you love him doesnt mean you have to love the way he is loudly chomping on his food. If there is something that is driving you crazy just for the day, remember the situation probably isnt as big of a deal as it feels like. Wait it out, look back, and then decide what actions or conversations need to happen.

Learn the ukulele

This is one of the most affordable instruments, and easily transportable. Strumming away your feelings is both a stress relief and a great hobby to learn.

Invest in a coloring book

Coloring books for adults are taking the world by storm. Pour your energy into coloring one of those pages, and you wont have any energy left for frustration.

Do the dishes

Scrub away your frustration. Its strangely therapeutic and useful, all at the same time.


Yeah, yeah, yeah; we all know the benefits of exercise. It releases endorphins and all that good stuff. Its especially good at getting out vented emotion perfect for those days youre about to pop.

Talk to him about it

If its little enough that he can easily stop doing whatever is annoying you, gently talk to him about it. But remember: Be kind.

Its OK to get irritated sometimes. It doesnt mean your relationship is bad. It means you are human. Take a break, step back, and remember, tomorrow will be better.
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