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6 ways to calm your husband's soul when he's had the worst day ever
Husbands have bad days too, and they need comfort and love just as much as you do. - photo by Megan Shauri
Stay-at-home moms and working moms have a lot on their plates. Even with todays gender equality tendencies, the mom still tends to be the primary care giver for the kids and the home.

With that being said, husbands also have a lot on their plate. The world is changing and they are expected to adapt, while still expected to be the bread winner and provider for the family.

Sometimes going to work is hard. They may not have their dream job, they may have problems with their co-workers or boss or they may just really miss their family during the day. With everything you have going on during the day, these problems may seem trivial, but your husband still needs love and reassurance from you.

So what do you do when your husband comes home and clearly has had the worst day ever? Here are some ideas.

1. Greet him at the door

It may be hard to stop what you are doing and greet your husband when he comes home, but it is important, especially if you can tell he has had a bad day. He just spent hours battling work life and probably only wants to see his beautiful wife and family. Having you be the first thing that greets him when he walks in the door will make a big difference in how the rest of his night will go.

2. Dont unload your day unto him

It is natural for husbands and wives to talk about their days, but right when he walks through the door may not be the best time to tell him everything that happened with you. Going on about how the kids misbehaved, or how you spent three hours on the phone trying to figure out the cable bill, only adds stress to what your husband is feeling. Hold back on your little problems until later, when he is in a better place to listen.

3. Let him unwind

This may seem very 1950s, but let him sit down, take his shoes off and relax for a minute before hashing out everything that happened. Taking a minute to let the day settle. Relaxing allows him to calm down before going into the details of what happened during the day.

4. Listen to him

After he has taken a minute to relax, ask him about his day. Listen and be attentive. Reassure him that he is still a good person, husband and father. Let him vent to you and make sure you give him 100% of your attention. Get rid of all distractions and potential interruptions and just let him have a minute alone with just you.

5. Give him a pep talk

Sometimes husbands just need a really good pep talk. He needs his wife to remind him of how great he is. Even though he had a bad day, it does not mean his life is bad. Remind him of all his blessings, successes and potential.

6. Let him play with the kids

After a hard day, your first reaction is probably asking the kids to be quiet and not bother their dad, but the opposite might actually be better. Getting down on the floor and building a Lego city, or going out back and playing some soccer with the kids is a great way to let off some steam relieve stress, and have fun with the people you love most. It can help him get his mind off of what happened during the day and let him relax in a way that is better than having a quiet evening.

No matter how you comfort your husband after he has a bad day, keep in mind that what he needs most is his family.
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