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Have You Seen This? Luckiest dog in the world barely missed by race car
Some of us are lucky. Some of us are not. But this dog is in a whole new category. - photo by John Clyde

LUCKY TOWN I've never considered myself to be super lucky.

I've won a few things here and there. When I was a kid, I won a drawing and got some tickets to a sneak peek of "The Witches," but I got sick at the movie and kept running to the bathroom. Also, when I was 14, I won a cellphone at a football game, but then was told I couldn't receive the phone because I was too young. So, never mind, I'm not lucky at all.

While my luck isn't impressive, this dog is a different story.

This little canine innocently wandered onto a dirt road, but this poor thing had no idea that an off-road rally race was in progress on that same road. You can hear people yelling at the dog trying to help him off the road and to safety, but it's a dog the last thing it's going to want to do is run toward a human shouting at it.

The video starts to play out like a horror movie. The unsuspecting victim wanders down a dirt road and you can hear the oncoming danger, but the soon-to-be-casuality does not. Luckily for this dog, the writer of this particular script decided it wasn't his time to go.

Miraculously, the car appears around the corner and goes airborne and sails right over the top of the pup. My heart stopped when it happened.

If you feel you need some luck in your life, you may want to adopt this dog.
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