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Have You Seen This? Skiing the Great Wall of China and across natural wonders
Professional skier Candide Thovex shows us that skiing isn't just for snow because apparently as long as you have a hill, skis, and the will you can ski anywhere. - photo by John Clyde

EVERYWHERE I have been waterskiing and snow skiing, I've even been sand boarding, but little did I know skis have many other places they can go.

For example, I've never been jungle skiing, grass skiing, dirt skiing, lava skiing or Great Wall of China skiing, but professional skier Candide Thovex has.

This video is an ad for the Audi Quattro and takes Thovex all over the world to ski in just about everything. From rocky mountain slopes totally void of snow to rolling grass hills inhabited by sheep, Thovex does the seemingly impossible and skis all of them with precision.

At first, it was impressive he was speeding down a volcano over lava rock, but then he started jumping and doing iron crosses and double backflips and my jaw dropped to the floor. I had a hard time walking down my stairs this morning and this guy is doing a 360 on the Great Wall of China on skis.

This video is mesmerizing and the lack of music along with the ambient sounds of the skis and elements makes it beautiful. It will likely be the most impressive four minutes of your day.
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