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The Clean Cut: H&M ad shows holiday travelers 'Come Together'
Travelers come together with the employees to celebrate Christmas after their train is delayed. - photo by Noelle Baldwin
Delayed or canceled travel plans are the quickest way to ruin a holiday. In H&Ms new Christmas ad, travelers feel the effects of the weather and other technical difficulties when their train is diverted and delayed 11 hours, effectively cancelling their holiday plans.

The conductor, Ralph, played by Adrian Brody, and his assistant, Fritz, announce a Christmas brunch in the back of the coach before calling the station master for help. Ralph and Fritz snag the bag of scissors, construction paper, aluminum foil, an extension cord and a tree the station master has prepared for them.

After 19 minutes, hungry passengers wander into the cafeteria to find that Ralph and Fritz made the most of the supplies the station master gave them. The train car is transformed with paper snowflakes, lights and a tree. Even though the passengers and employees miss their holiday plans, they come together to make the most of their situation on the train.

Watch the video on YouTube here.
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