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Budget work continues in Midway
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After a Dec. 20 budget session, the Midway City Council will meet again Dec. 27 to continue deliberations on the budget, which will go into effect Jan. 1.
Probation services for offenders sentenced in Midway’s city court was a principal topic at this week’s session, although no decision was made.
Officials say they are dissatisfied with the work of a private, for-profit misdemeanor probation service in Hinesville, but were unable to agree on an alternative.
One group of Midway officials is interested in having a city employee supervise probationers. The  group thinks Midway will gain more income by having its own probation officer.
Mayor Pro Tempore Curtes Robertson is concerned about adding to the city’s payroll with a probation officer or additional police officers. “We constantly worry about the city’s revenue,” he said, “Yet we keep talking about hiring people. Where is the logic?”
Mayor Dr. Clemontine Washington said she was concerned that Midway would be unable to recruit a city-employed probation officer or a more satisfactory private firm.
Councilman Terrence Doyle said he had done some research on the topic and was assigned to gather more facts and report to the council.
Also before the council is a request from Police Chief Kelli Morningstar for additional police officers, two full-time and one part-time. Part of the request was to allow for a city detective, which Midway now hopes will not be necessary. The chief told the council that more officers would allow better scheduling, reducing the amount of overtime needed.

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