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Burn ban in place in Long County
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“Don’t burn anything, period,” was the blanket statement given by Ludowici/Long County Fire Chief Darrell Ballance, when asked about current restrictions on burning in Long County.  
“Right now, it is just too dry, and even if people think they have the fire out, the wind may fan the flame, and before they know it, the fire can be gone,” he said.
According to Ranger Kevin Anderson, who is assigned to Long County, with the Georgia Forestry Commission, all burn permits in the state have been discontinued.  
“Here in Long County, we stopped permits a couple of weeks ago, due to conditions, and the possibility of a re-burn (an existing fire, which has been extinguished or controlled re-igniting) but now, there are no permits being issued through out the state,” Anderson said.
He noted the restrictions have had to be implemented because of persistent drought conditions, low humidity, and high winds.
“It is just too dangerous, with conditions the way they are, for people to be burning,” he said.
When asked how long the current restrictions would be enforced, he said it is indefinite, until conditions change.  
Anderson also urged people to contact the local law enforcement agency if anyone saw or suspected someone was burning something outside.
Long County Sheriff, Cecil Nobles said his department had already responded to several calls in regards to this, and deputies had gone out and asked the people to put the fires out.
“Everyone has been real cooperative, and complied when we have asked them to stop their burning,” he said. “We are doing all we can to help the firefighters, and if a citizen sees someone burning illegally, they can call us and we’ll send a deputy out there to check it out, and have them put the fire out.”
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