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Property transfers for Jan. 28
house sale

Property transfers recorded in the Liberty County Clerk of Courts Office Oct. 21-30, from books 1881 and 1882, include:

Denniston, Nan to Ferebee, Tavarus and Ferebee, Francis; page 759; Price: $188,000; Description: None given.

RTS Homes, LLC to Patel, Kamleshkumar and Patel, Dakshaben; page 781; Price: $238,905; Description: 962 Oak Crest Dr. Hinesville, Lot 86, The Retreat at Oak Crest, Ph. 2A.

Bushaway Holdings, LLC to Cao, Hongju; page 805; Price: $111,500; Description: 300 Floyd St. Hinesville, Lot 1, Lancaster Estates.
Milligan, David to Milligan, Paula-Kathryn; page 809; Price: $10; Description; 1494 Lake Drive.

Sanchez, as Executrix of the Last Will and Testament of Rosalia Valentin, deceased, Nancy to Valentin-Perez, Angel; page 819; Price: $0; Description: 12 W Daryl Dr Flemington, Lot 51.

Sanchez, as Executrix of the Last Will and Testament of Rosalia Valentin, Deceased, Nancy to Valentin-Perez, Angel; page 822; Price: $0; Description: 134 Caleb White Blvd Flemington, Lot 55.

Graham, Nicholas to U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee for Structured Asset Investment Loan Trust, Mortgage Pass; page 827; Price: $146,200; Description: 1164 Cumberland Dr Hinesville.

Wheeler, Grace to Cartwright, Allwyn; page 880; Price: $0; Description: Lots 149,150,151,152,153 & 154.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Dasher, Terry; page 888; $72,900; Description: 53 Kevin Rd, Lot 76 Lambert Plantation.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Ouyang, Da; page 901; Price: $0; Description: 531 Ashmore Road.

Jennings, Arthur to Jennings, Maritza; page 969; Price: $0; Description: 400 Christopher Dr Hinesville.

Dept of Veterans Affairs to Eugene, Renaldo; page 27; Price: $0; Description: 144 Wayfair Lane Hinesville, Fairington S/D, Ph. III.

RTS Homes, LLC to Thompson, Ramon; page 58; Price: $159,900; Description: 1248 Peacock Trail Hinesville, Lot 268, Oak Crest S/D, Ph. 4.

Abalos, Kristina I. Pierson to U.S. Bank National Association; page 78; Price: $69,100; Description: 508 Franklin Street Hinesville.

Lloyd, Daniel to Navy Federal Credit Union; page 86; Price: $147,428; Description: 207 Bender St.

Navy Federal Credit Union to Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs; page 93; Price: $147,428; Description: 207 Bender St.

Hay, Earl to DLJ Mortgage Capital, Inc; page 112; Price: $90,000; Description: 1754 Ashton Drive Hinesville, Lot 122.

Selene Finance LP to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; page 123; Price: $10; Description: 611 Maxwell St Hinesville, Lot 31 Block A.

Mallonee, Johnny to Mallonee, Kristy; page 126; Price: $2,150; Description: .86 Acre Parcel 30 Limerick Road.

Grugin, Betty to Grugin, William; page 128; Price: $0; Description: 104 Bonnie Reed PSGE Midway.

Spivey, Jane to Bank Of America, N.A. Successor by Merger to BA Mortgage, LLC Successor by Merger to Nationsbanc Mor; page 154; Price: $25,515; Description: None given.

Lightner, Dianisha to JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association; page 165; Price: $76,545; Description: None given.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; page 168; Price: $76,545; Description: 709 Dover Ln.

Embassy Holdings, LLC to Foley, Thomas; page 172; Price: $87,500; Description: None given.

Farina, James to Powe, James; page 200; Price: $156,000; Description: 382 Tideland Dr, Lots 4A & 7A, Colonial Oaks Subdivision.

Estate of Roxanna Marie Parrish to Curran, David; page 251; Price: $127,500; Description: 1102 Chestnut Lane.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Daahn, LLC; page WD; Price: $47,000; Description: 949 Mandarin Dr, Lot 28 BL A PH 4

Wirt, Jessica to Pyle, Marika; page 330; Price: $0; Description: 440 Timberlane Cir. Hinesville, Lots 26 & 27, Sikes, Simmons and Bryant S/D.

Thompson, Jennifer to Pyle, Marika; page 332; Price: $0; Description: 440 Timberlane Cir, Lots 26 & 27, Sikes, Simmons and Bryant S/D.

Pyle, Marika to Hudson, Curtis; page 334; Price: $121,000; Description: 440 Timberlane Circle Hinesville, Lots 26 & 27, Sikes, Simmons & Bryant S/D.

Meredith, Mary to Roughen, Michael and Roughen, Victoria M.; page 374; Price: $0; Description: Lot 86 Hector’s Bluff.

J.M. Allen Construction Inc to Coleman, Shane and Coleman, Victoria; page 376; Price: $100,000; Description: 1244 Pineridge WAY, Lot 24 Pineridge Plantation.

Boker, Patricia to Sisson, Ronald; page 396; Price: $10; Description: 204 Deertrail.

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