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Real estate transactions for Jan. 11
GMD map
Georgia Militia Districts in Liberty County
The following warranty deeds were filed with Liberty County Clerk of Court Barry Wilkes’ office from Dec.17-21. The listings include the names of the sellers and buyers, the book and page where the deed can be found in deed books maintained in the clerk’s office, the transfer tax (which gives an estimate of the price paid, based on $1 per $1,000) and a description of the property, which may be the subdivision and/or Georgia Militia District where it is located. Refer to the accompanying map for the GMD numbers.
Baker, Queen Esther to Nelson, Mattie Mae; Book: 1507, Page: 231, No tax: Description: 1/2 acre 1458th GMD
Burge, W. Roger, Jr. to Mcgee, Troy D. and Mcgee, Debora D.; Book: 1507, Page: 100, Tax: $199.90; Description: Lots 3 4 & 5 Blk B Oak Creek Sd 15th GMD
Chapman, Barry S. to Barnes, Rodney N.; Book: 1507, Page: 179, Tax: $145; Description: Lot 115 Waters Estates Phase 2 1458th GMD
Dal, Umer F. to Dal, Ahmed; Book: 1507, Page: 65, No tax: Description: 2.24 Acres 1756th GMD
Denis, Rony to Stanley, Roscoe; Book: 1507, Page: 87, Tax: $135; Description: Lot 8 Sherwood Forest Phase I 1458th GMD
Dryden Enterprises Inc. to Royer, Joanne; Book: 1507, Page: 126, Tax:  $235; Description: Lot 68 Hickory Hill Sd Phase I 1359th GMD
Fail, Mary E. to Keith, John H.; Book: 1507, Page: 407, Tax: $123.50; Description: Lot 4 Blk G Garden Acres Sd 17th GMD
Floyd, Billie G. and Floyd, Carroll W. to Floyd, David C.; Book: 1507, Page: 384, Tax: $79.50; Description: Tract 1 .57 acre tract 2 property fronting 45.10 feet on Phillips Street 17th GMD
Heath, Jerry Don Sr. to Smith, Carl T Jr. and Smith, Lori M.; Book: 1507, Page: 147, Tax: $50; Description: Lot 17 Sunshine Lake 1359th GMD
Holland, Maria E. to Jts Investments Inc.; Book: 1507, Page: 364, Tax: $64; Description: Unit 61 Bld Iv Phase Iv Ravenwood Townhouse City of Hinesville
International Paper Realty Corp to Martin, J. Don; Book: 1507, Page: 238, Tax: $135; Description: 16.20 acres Liberty Tract 7 Scott Meads Winn Spencer Harris Tract Liberty Co.
Izzard, Leroy H Iii, Izzard, Sarah L., and Izzard, Terell L. to Williams, Jimmy L. and Williams, Joyce R.; Book: 1507, Page: 399, Tax: $182.10; Description: 3.31 acres being a portion of tract I 1458th GMD
Nottingham, Becky and Nottingham, Mark Allen to Yates, Westah L.; Book: 1507, Page: 164, Tax: $91; Description: Lot 14 Blk L Evergreen Sd 17th GMD
Parrish, Duane L. and Parrish, Elke A. to Patterson, James R.; Book: 1507, Page: 435, Tax: $110; Description: Lot 42 Timber Ridge Sd Phase 2 17th GMD
Phillips, Gary L. to Schaefer, Doris M. and Doris Schaefer Revocable Trust; Book: 1507, Page: 366, Tax: $104.50; Description: 6.26 Acres 1359th GMD
Sc Sikes Llc. To Ebberwein, Harriet S. and Ebberwein, Joseph K.; Book: 1507, Page: 635, No tax: Description: Deed Book 1352 Page 486 Tract 1 Lot 19 1.27 Acres & Lot 20 4.64 acres Bermuda Bluff Sd tract 2 tract A 7.632 acres tract B 5.123 acres Bermuda Bluff 1359th GMD
Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Denis, Marjorie; Book: 1507, Page: 69, No tax: Description: Lot 7 Blk 2 Garden Heights Sd 1458th GMD
Shiloh Mission Temple to Chemtall Inc.; Book: 1507, Page: 66, No tax: Description: 1/2 acre 15th GMD
Southern Coastal Homes Inc. to Taylor, Crystal L. and Taylor, Jervis G.; Book: 1507, Page: 245, Tax: $238.70; Description: Lot 15 Ryan Estates Sd 1756th GMD    
United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Denis, Marjorie; Book: 1507, Page: 69, No tax: Description: Lot 7 Blk 2 Garden Heights Sd 1458th GMD
Wells, Carolyn M. to Blake, Mark and Blake, Sonja; Book: 1507, Page: 373, Tax: $35; Description: 2.0 acres 1756th GMD
Williams, Queen Esther to Nelson, Mattie Mae; Book: 1507, Page: 231, No tax:  Description: 1/2 acre 1458th GMD
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