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Real estate transfers for Nov. 5
GMD map
Georgia Militia Districts in Liberty County
The following warranty deeds were filed with Liberty County Clerk of Court Barry Wilkes' office from Sept. 15-26. The listings include the names of the sellers and buyers, the book and page where the deed can be found in deed books maintained in the clerk's office, the transfer tax (which gives an estimate of the price paid, based on $1 per $1,000) and a description of the property, which may be the subdivision and/or Georgia Militia District where it is located. Refer to the accompanying map for the GMD numbers.

Countrywide Home Loans Inc to HUD: Book 1552, Page 245, No tax recorded, Description  Tract 1 Lot 23 & west half of 22 Blk A Isle Of Wight Tract 2 east half of lot 22 1359th GMD

Dryden Enterprises Inc to Parks, Brian A: Wd, Book 1552, Page 76, Tax $240, Description Lot 22 Hickory Hill Sd Phase 2 1359th GMD

Dryden Enterprises Inc to Frazier, Leon Sr: Book 1552, Page 430, Tax $220, Description Lot 45 Hickory Hill Sd Phase 2 1359th GMD

Ellyson, Christina C and Ronald to Ellyson Family Land Trust: Book 1552, Page 186, Tax $10, Description Lot 3 North Main Sd 17th GMD

Fussell, Kenneth R to First Calvary Missionary Baptist Church: Book 1552, Page 99, No tax recorded, Description  0.161 of an acres 17th GMD

Guyett, Russell A to Lusk, Tina: Book 1552, Page 515, Tax $35, Description 1 acre 1756th GMD

Hazen, Cynthia M and James L to Abdulaziz, Samir Y and Perez, Luz A: Book 1552, Page 63, Tax $76, Description Lot 83 Ridgewood Sd Phase 2 17th GMD

Heritage Bank to Rental Mart LLC: Book 1552, Page 189, Tax $90, Description Lot 54 W F Mills Sd 17th GMD; also Book 1552, Page 226, Tax $235., Description Lot 53 W F Mills Sd 17th GMD

Hinesville Home Center Inc to Riesner, Trevor Elliott: Book 1552, Page 342, Tax $132, Description Lot 1 1.148 acres 1756th GMD

McMahan, Floyd C and JR to Holtzman EAT LLC: Book 1552, Page 123, Tax $100, Description Tract 2 2.80 acres 1458th GMD

Mechtly, Danielle A and John M to Smith, Nate R: Book 1552, Page 254, Tax $133.90, Description  Lot 18 Fairington Sd Phase I 1458th GMD

Redden, Ophelia K to Entrust Retirement Services of Georgia LLC, Terry and Susan Barnard: Book 1552, Page 306, Tax $95, Description Lot 14 Blk B Woodlawn Terrace Sd 17th GMD

Riesner, Trevor Elliott to Hinesville Home Center Inc: Book 1552, Page 341, No tax recorded, Description Lot 1 1.148 Acres 1756th GMD

Rodriguez, John to Emanuel, Darnell C: Book 1552, Page 286, Tax $265, Description Lot 23 N C J Martin Jr Estates 17th GMD

Smiley, Jane M to Holtzman EAT LLC: Book 1552, Page 126, Tax $350, Description  Tract 1A 2.84 acres and tract 1B 0.51 acres 1458th GMD
Suntrust Mortgage Inc to HUD: Book 1552, Page 455, No tax recorded, Description Lot 184 Deerwood 2 1458th GMD

Terra Firma Development Llc to Steinen, Robert R and Jane M: Book 1552, Page 474, Tax $405, Description Lot 19 The Village At Sunbury 1359th GMD

Tri County Contractors Inc to Riesner, Trevor Elliott: Book 1552, Page 340, Tax $24, Description Lot 1 1.148 Acres 1756th GMD

Tucker, James F Iii to Beers, Andrew: Book 1552, Page 322, Tax $110.90, Description Lot 4 Knotts Place Sd 1458th GMD

Wells, Vonice J to Holtzman EAT LLC: Book 1552, Page 129, Tax $100, Description Tract 3A 2.28 acres and Tract 3B 0.29 acre 1458th GMD

White, Patricia S to Welborn, William S and Annie B: Book 1552, Page 532, Tax $200, Description  8.218 Acres 1458th GMD

Williamson, Althea L and Willie J Jr to Jones, Marianeta J: Book 1552, Page 380, Tax $88, Description Lot 81 Honey Ridge Plantation Phase I 1458th GMD

Wilson, Marilyn to Fordham, Jessie C: Book 1552, Page 619, No tax recorded, Description  Campsite 56 Forest Village Sec Of Woodland Lakes Resorts 1476th GMD

Windham, Carla J and Joseph C to Schiesser, Patrick: Book 1552, Page 201, Tax $157, Description  Lot 1 Forest Street 17th GMD

Wooten, Chong to Griffin, Rex E and Verian: Book 1552, Page 394, Tax $45, Description Unit 20 Phase 4 Summerwind Village Condos

 Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc Series 2005 R10, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co and Citi Residential Lending Inc to Denis, Marjorie: Book 1553, Page 225, Tax $44.90, Description  Lot 22 Palmetto Trace Sd 1476th GMD

Chambers, Vashana to Joyner, Willie L: Book 1553, Page 228, Tax $153, Description Lot 25 Arcadia Sd Phase 2 1892nd GMD

Cox, Derek B to Linderman, David E and Shawna R: Book 1553, Page 121, Tax $86, Description Lot 8 Blk B Arrowhead Sd Phase 2 1458th GMD

Gardner, Hilda H and Willie P to Hewett, Debbie: Book 1552, Page 759, Tax $213, Description:  Lot 6 C J Martin Sd 17th GMD

Georgia Housing Group Inc to Selman, Robert and Prevette, Cyd: Book 1552, Page 799, Tax $164, Description:  Lot 361 Oak Crest Sd Phase 4 1756th GMD

Horse Creek Partners LLC to Quinnco Hinesville LLC: Book 1553, Page 5, Tax $7,486.50, Description 3 tracts over 180 acres acres being part of Independence development

Horse Creek Partners LLC to Maloney, Michael F P and Coker, Charles W Jr:  Book 1553, Page 43, Tax $1, Description Several tracts totaling about 65 acres in Indpendence area

How, Dixie B to Bryant, James H and Joann B: Book 1552, Page 704, Tax $227.80, Description Lot 7 Hidden Pines Sd 17th GMD
John Carnes Construction Co Inc to Smith, Katherine M and Shaun M: Book 1552, Page 774, Tax $172.70, De-scription Lot 355 Oak Crest Sd Phase 4 1756th GMD

Jones, Michael to Young, John C: Book 1553, Page 197, Tax $58, Description:  Unit 130 Phase 15 Summerwind Village Condos

Kessler, Catherine and Terry L Jr to Davis, Christopher A: Book 1553, Page 171, Tax $134.90, Description Lot 143 Fairington Sd Phase 4 1458th GMD

Rogers, Walt and WR Enterprises LLC to Ames, Marlon D and Chelise M: Book 1552, Page 637, Tax $247.90, Description Lot 42 Oak Crest Sd Phase I 1476th GMD

Smith, Darren A to Fail, Mary E: Book 1552, Page 757, Tax $72, Description Lot 164 Waterfield Sd Phase 3A 1458th GMD

Vaughn, Laurie R to Dowd, Matthew Tyler: Book 1553, Page 66, Tax $44.80, Description Tract B 7.5 acres 1756th GMD

Vaughn, Laurie R to Vick, Stanley G: Book 1553, Page 77, Tax $45.30, Description Tract A 7.574 Acres 1756th GMD

Walter, Clayton A Jr and Regina M to Strickland, William W: Book 1552, Page 625, Tax $55.30, Description Lot 2 Waterfield Sd 1458th GMD

Young, Albert C to McBride, John D and Amanda M: Book 1553, Page 136, Tax $121, Description Lot 31 Eagles Landing Sd Phase 2 1458th GMD
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