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Restaurant sanitation scores March 28
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The following are among the food service establishments inspected in February by the Liberty County Health Department. The department scores on a 100-percentile scale. Kitchens are inspected at least every four months and are required to post their score sheets in public. The score and selected comments from health inspectors are included in each report. To view all restaurant scores, go to

Feb. 25
• Captain D’s, 107 W. General Screven Way, Hinesville. Score: 95. Grade: A.
Remarks: (1) Observed black substance on the top interior of the ice machine. New violation. (2) Observed water damaged ceiling tiles in the dining room area. New violation. (3) Observed employee food (Welch’s grape bars) stored in the walk-in cooler with the other customer food. New violation. (4) Need to check cleaning date on ventilation hood. Sticker on hood cleaning indicated that the next cleaning is due 02/2016. (5) Need to post inspection sheet on the drive-thru window and dining room. (6) Manager placed ice on tauter sauce containers to reduce temperature. The tauter sauce was colder at the bottom of the container. All sauces that state “Keep Refrigerated” need to be 41F or below. (7) Need sanitizing test strips for sanitizing water.
• Dairy Queen Grill & Chill, 757 E. Oglethorpe Hwy., Hinesville. Score: 100. Grade: A.
Remarks: (1) Observed open container of commercially process coleslaw with the delivery date 12/2015 and a closed container of coleslaw with the best by date 01/12/2016. Corrected on site by discarding of open container and discarding of the coleslaw on the prep line. The owner removed the unopened container of coleslaw and removed it from the walk-in cooler to see if she can return to distributor. (2) Talked to the owners about date marking open commercially processed foods. (3) Observed water damaged ceiling in the kitchen.
• Sho’ Nuff Smokin Good BBQ, 4827 W. 15th St., Hinesville. Score: 100. Grade: A.
Remarks: (1) Observed total chloroform from County Extension office. I called County Extension office and the receptionist stated that the facility paid for the total and chemical test. The total chloroform test stated unacceptable on the test results. Need to call CEO to see what facility needs to do about results. The facility might need to chlorinate the well and have well retested.
• That’s Italian, 364 W. Memorial Dr., Hinesville. Score: 95. Grade: A.
Remarks: (1) Observed no air thermometers stored inside the line prep cooler across from stove. New violation. (2) Observed utensils stored in water 79F. Corrected on site by washing utensils and removing water from container. New violation. (3) Observed no test strips for dishwasher. Facility needs chlorine test strips for the dishwasher. New violation. (4) Food on the pizza prep line was elevated because facility opening the line during lunch. The ambient thermometer was elevated and the manager cleaned the vent and turned down the thermostat. Then the ambient thermometer decreased. Manager also moved food to another cooler to decrease temperature.

Feb. 29
• Arby’s #1674, 209 W. General Screven Way, Hinesville. Score: 96. Grade: A.
Remarks: (1) Observed bottles of expired milk stored in the walk-in cooler and line cooler. Expiration date 02/19/2016. Corrected on site by discarding of milk. New violation. (2) Observed containers stored on the drying racks stacked while wet. Need to allow dishes to completely air dry before stacking. New violation. (3) Observed stickers/labels on the exterior of clean containers. Need to remove old labels before washing to prevent possible contamination of sticker residue on the interior of stacked containers. (4) Observed soda spillage under soda drink station in the dining room area.
• Baldino’s of Savannah - Waters, LTD, 456 General Screven Way, Hinesville. Score: 100. Grade: A.
Remarks: (1) Observed food temperatures in the meat cooler/deli slightly elevated. Employees are currently making sandwiches and opening the cooler door. Check internal thermometer within an hour to make sure the temperatures decrease. Deli temperatures this morning at 10:00 am was 37F in the temperature log.

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