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Chamber cuts ribbon for Brain Twister escape rooms
Brain twister
Cami Mendoza stands with family, friends and Chamber members to cut the ribbon on her new business in Hinesville.

The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for Brain Twister Escape Rooms on Friday, February 9 at 353 W. Memorial Drive, Unit B, downtown Hinesville.

Kathy Villafane, executive board member of the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce, welcomed those in attendance and congratulated Cami Mendoza, the owner of Brain Twister Escape Rooms, on her new location in downtown Hinesville. “It’s always exciting when we have a new business coming to town,” Villafane said. “We know that entrepreneurship is not easy, although you (Mendoza) make it look easy. I always like to tell people as a member of the chamber, you are family, you are part of the business community, you are not alone.”

Hinesville Mayor Karl Riles welcomed those in attendance and congratulated Mendoza on her new business in Hinesville.

“We’re happy that you’ve decided to not only settle here in Hinesville but to grow here, and we hope that you will be an example to others who want to come here because whether you flew here or you grew here, Hinesville is for everybody,” he said.

Mendoza thanked those in attendance.

“This is my give back to the community, to have fun for your families, for your teams, for everybody to come, relax and just laugh and have a good time,” she said.

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