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Crime report: HPD blotters for 11/24
crime report 11/24

Suspicious Acts

The Hinesville Police Department was notified of a possible financial abuse to an elderly woman on Nov. 2, and went to investigate the matter.

 The officer spoke with the alleged victim’s daughter who called from out of state and wished to file a report. She said she has a joint checking account with her mother. The complainant said she was listed as the primary account holder and her mother was listed as the authorized user on the checking account. 

The complainant noticed someone had withdrawn $3,500.00 dollars from her bank account on Nov. 2. She then called her local 911 to file a police report which is in Mooresville, N.C. She was told to also call HPD to report the incident.

 The complainant said that her 71-year-old mother had been diagnosed with mental disorders in the past and was taking various medications for several mental issues and illnesses. The complainant said the joint checking account was used to pay her mother’s monthly bills and the money was from her mother’s social security. The complainant said she last saw her mother on Oct. 26, as she was leaving Hinesville and returning to North Carolina.

 The complainant said her mother had a new friend who kept asking several questions about the house bills and monthly payments. The complainant had told the friend to mind her own business and stay out of the family finances and to stay away from her mother. 

The complainant thinks the new friend may have convinced her mother to withdraw the money from the account and she was possibly abusing her mother financially, knowing that the alleged victim suffers from mental disorders. The complainant added that her mother’s new friend was currently residing at her mother’s house. 

The complainant called the bank, however, the bank employee advised her that the bank could not prevent her mother from withdrawing money from the joint checking account.

• Simple assault

Officers spoke with a man who said his wife’s nephew threatened to hurt him.

 The man said he didn’t have much information on the nephew but that the nephew tried to take and give away his wife’s car.

 The nephew claimed the man’s wife gave him the car but his wife never agreed to giving him the car. The man said a male and female had come to their home with a truck and trailer to take the car. 

When the man told the couple they couldn’t take the car the nephew cussed them out and left. After he left the man reported that the nephew called him, yelled expletives at him over the phone and threatened to come back the next day to get the car. 

The man said the nephew is associated with people who went to jail for murder.

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