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County science, STEAM winners announced
Amaya Dickey 5th grade Taylors Creek
Amaya Dickey, fifth grader at Taylors Creek Elementary School, stands by her project that focuses on the importance of cleaning oil spills and that won her school-level STEAM Fair. - photo by Photo provided.

Liberty County School-level STEAM Fair winners presented their projects to the public at the Liberty County Performing Arts Center on March 28.

There were a total of 40 science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, as well as traditional projects; 32 elementary projects, six middle school projects and two high school projects.

Countywide awards were presented at the end of the fair on March 30:


STEAM project: Marble drop, Ranistate’s class;

Traditional project: Frozen drinks, Marshall Goodrich.

First grade

STEAM project: Getting over a LEGO wall, Savannah Leifi

Traditional project: Effect of salt on ocean’s freezing temperature, Nathan James

Second grade

Steam project: Aquaponics for kids, Jalen Kimbro

Traditional project: Popping popcorn, Alyssa Lawson

Third grade

STEAM project: Less mess tablecloth, Victoria Bosch

Traditional project: Melting ice, Joanna McCall and Camranh Palaboo

Fourth grade

STEAM project: Dancing dogbot, Jedidiah Samuel

Traditional project: Eggsellect, Tatiyana Jackson

Fifth grade

STEAM project: Storm surge, Christopher Dease

Traditional project: Gummy Bear osmosis, Aliyah Hess

Sixth grade

Traditional project: Best way to cook bacon, Kyle Powell

Seventh grade

Traditional project: Foamy fountains, Blake Edwards, Mika Perry, Anthony Sanchez and Beau Townsend

Eighth grade

Traditional project: Bouncy Polymer, Isaiah Dean, Jasmine Gaines, Violet Lustiano, Raj Patel and Lila Steele

12th grade

STEAM project: Pedestrian overpass: Shawn Holmes, Shelby Phillips, Tyler Rider and Seyedparsa Torabi

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