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LCHS math teacher is county's top educator
Teachers of the year honored at banquet
Teacher of the year2
Bradwell student musicians play during the banquet. - photo by Photo by Denise Etheridge

Math teacher Lisa Knight, a 2004 Liberty County High School graduate, was named teacher of the year Thursday during the Liberty County School System 2013 Teacher of the Year celebration dinner at Bradwell Institute.
“I never thought in a million years I’d be back, teaching at Liberty County High School,” Knight said while accepting the honor. “But I’m so glad I did.”
“I’m very proud of her,” said Liberty County Board of Education Chairman Lily Baker, who taught and coached Knight when she was a student and cross-country star at LCHS. “It’s so nice to have them learn in the public schools and to have them return.”
“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, ever since I was a little girl,” Knight said. “Really, in middle school I felt math was my calling.”
Knight said some people tried to talk her out of a career in education.
“I came back to Liberty County and never regretted it,” she said. “I’ve taught the children of my former teachers and I’ve taught the siblings of my former classmates.”
Knight commits two afternoons after school each week to help students who need extra assistance in math, according to LCHS principal Paula Scott. The young teacher also coaches the high-school cross-country team.
Knight has been teaching at LCHS since 2009. She earned a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and a master’s in arts and teaching from LaGrange College. She is married to Joseph Knight, a 2006 graduate of Bradwell Institute. Joseph Knight is a former director of the aquatic department at the YMCA where he taught swimming.
Thirteen teachers, including Knight, and one media specialist were nominated for this year’s LCSS Teacher of the Year honor. Each was chosen as their individual school’s teacher of the year.
Nominees recognized at the award dinner were Orelene Rivers, Bradwell Institute; Tory Baker, Button Gwinnett Elementary; Tracey Moyse, Frank Long Elementary; Nan Pedrick, Joseph Martin Elementary;
Soncera Barney, Lewis Frasier Middle School; Mike Goodson, Liberty College and Career Academy; Kelly Greene, Liberty Elementary; Wendy Kellman, Lyman Hall Elementary; Carla Campbell, Midway Middle School; Kimberly Durrence, Liberty Pre-K Center; Melanie Carrier, Snelson Golden Middle School; Susan Kennedy, Taylors Creek Elementary; and Candace Hankins, Waldo Pafford Elementary.

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