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Musicians visit library, teach children about instruments
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Rising ninth-grader Kevin Morris has been playing piano for almost four years but is considering picking up another instrument after the Music Alive! event at the public library Tuesday morning.
"The show was really, really good," Morris said.
Even younger children were captivated with how the five musicians played the stringed instruments with feeling, as they silently listened to the live performance.
The children laughed and wiggled in their seats during a tango tune.
Morris considered it a special treat to be able to hear a music genre that is not very popular among young people.
"A lot of people just play a lot of modern music, and classical music among people is just not as appreciated as much," he said.
Gaby Flewellen brought her children to the show to help them develop an appreciation for music.
She settled into a seat on the carpet with her 7-, 6- and 2- year-olds to listen to the renowned musicians.
Flewellen home schools her children and wants to give them "every opportunity," to be exposed to culture and fine art.
As a New York native, Flewellen said the arts are more readily available back home, so she was happy to have a local event, instead of having to travel to Savannah.
Flewellen admits that it is a bit of financial stretch to invest in lessons but wants "to get them started in something."
The group intertwined learning with their performance, demonstrating how music affects everyday life.
The children learned parts of the instruments and about the size-to-sound ration: The bigger the instrument, the lower the sound.
Upon being introduced to Mozart and melodies, the youngsters were fascinated to learn the same melody in Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star also is used for the alphabet song.
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