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Reading for fun with Dr. Seuss
mr smiley3
Superintendent Dr. Edwin Pope reads to a class. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
Long County’s Smiley Elementary School recognized the 50th anniversary of Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat, with the Read Across America celebration.
The National Educators of America and the American Library Association sponsor the event in more than 4.5 million libraries each year.
The weeklong celebration at Smiley included Wacky Wednesday, where all the kids dressed in their “wackiest” outfits, recognizing Dr. Seuss’s book “Wacky Wednesday.”
A hat parade took place on Friday, when all the children wore different types of hats, remembering the book “The Cat in the Hat.”
Green eggs and ham were served for breakfast one morning, and in the media center, different people with different careers from Long County read to all the classes throughout the week.
Some of the volunteer readers included local rancher Roy Smith, jewelry maker Fran Tolliver, quilter Myra Stafford, prison guard Lt. E. Smoat, social worker Terry Hrisac, craft maker Kadee Dasher, Pastor Eric Rentz, and Long County School Superintendent Dr. Edwin Pope.
“This program is really good. It lets the community come into the school to see firsthand what is going on. It also lets everyone in the school know we care about them,” Rentz said.
Tami Wilson visited the school to be with her son, Craig, as he enjoyed the activities.
“I like this, it gets the kid’s more involved and interactive,” she said.
Media Specialist Pam McDonald expressed gratitude to everyone who read to the students and said, “This has been really good. All the people have stressed the importance of reading to the children, in whatever career they represented.”
Probably the most enjoyed activity all week was the hat parade on Friday where all the kids who were dressed as Dr. Seuss characters, as was several administrators, marched around the school.
“This week has been an exciting week for all the children and the volunteers. The love of reading came from all who participated, and this trickles down to everyone in the school,” Principal Sandy Jones said
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