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State releases local CRCT results
More students pass math, social studies
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Percentage of students meeting or exceeding the standard:

• First grade
Reading: Joseph Martin: 99.1 percent
ELA: Joseph Martin: 94.4 percent
Math: Waldo Pafford: 93.9 percent

• Second grade
Reading: Taylors Creek: 97 percent
ELA: Jordye Bacon: 97.2 percent
Math: Joseph Martin: 96.8 percent

• Third grade

Reading: Taylors Creek: 97.8 percent
ELA: Taylors Creek: 95.6 percent
Math: Taylors Creek: 93.4 percent
Science: Taylors Creek: 93.4 percent
Social Studies: Button Gwinnett: 97.5 percent

• Fourth grade
Reading: Taylors Creek: 98.2 percent
ELA: Frank Long: 97 percent
Math: Taylors Creek: 87.6 percent
Science: Frank Long: 90.9 percent
Social studies: Taylors Creek: 92.9 percent

• Fifth grade
Reading: Joseph Martin: 97.2 percent
ELA: Taylors Creek: 97.4 percent
Math: Joseph Martin: 97.2 percent
Science: Joseph Martin: 87.3 percent
Social studies: Taylors Creek: 90.5 percent

• Sixth grade
Reading: Snelson-Golden: 93 percent
ELA: Lewis Frasier: 94.2 percent
Math: Lewis Frasier: 78.5 percent
Science: Snelson-Golden: 68.3 percent
Social studies: Lewis Frasier: 71.5

• Seventh grade
Reading: Midway: 88.8 percent
ELA: Midway: 92.5 percent
Math: Midway: 82 percent
Science: Midway: 78.9 percent
Social studies: Lewis Frasier: 66.1 percent

• Eighth grade
Reading: Lewis Frasier: 96.4 percent
ELA: Midway: 94 percent
Math: Lewis Frasier: 81.1 percent
Science: Lewis Frasier: 63.3 percent
Social studies: Lewis Frasier: 79.4 percent
Local-level results for the state’s Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests, which help determine promotability for students in first through eighth grades, were released by the Georgia Department of Education on Thursday.
On average, more than half of all test-takers in each grade in Liberty County met the standard for reading, English language arts (ELA), math, and for third through eighth grade, science and social studies. By grade, Liberty County met the standard at a higher rate than the state as a whole.
Among the highlights noted in the state report,  this year’s passing rate of 74 percent for math is a four-point increase over 2009 and a 12-point increase since the implementation of the Georgia Performance Standards. In social studies, 70 percent of students passed — a seven-point increase over 2009.
“These results provide further evidence that our teachers are doing a great job implementing the Georgia Performance Standards and they are to be commended for their hard work,” State Superintendent Kathy  Cox said in the announcement.
Notable areas of local performance were on the first-grade reading and math tests, second-grade reading test, third-grade math test, fourth-grade science test and fifth-grade ELA test. More than a third of test-takers exceeded the standard on each of these exams.
Scores on GPS-based CRCT assessments generally range from 650 to 900 or above, according to the state education department. While variations in test characteristics and student performance from one district to the next may produce different upper limits for each grade and content area, scores above 900 generally indicate exceptional performance.
Scores considered to meet the standard fall between 800 and 849; scores considered to exceed the standard fall at or above 850. Scores below 800 do not meet the standard, the state’s minimum level of proficiency.
State law requires that students in third, fifth and eighth grades meet or exceed expectations in reading in order to be promoted. Fifth- and eighth-graders must also meet or exceed expectations in math to be promoted.
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