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Website lets Long parents into school
0406 Hattaway BeThere
Long County High School Principal Scotty Hattaway navigates the BeThere website, which is an online resource for students parents. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle

Long County High School Principal Scotty Hattaway is encouraging students’ parents to use the online resource “BeThere” to offer input about the school.
“This is a great tool for parents to pass on information to me about their thoughts and concerns about the school,” he said.
“Many times, they don’t have the time to come to the school about issues of concern and with BeThere, they can do it from any computer.”
According to Hattaway, the website was created through the Georgia Department of Education and has been available to Long County High School since the beginning of the year.
However, the principal said, few parents are aware the resource exists so he’s trying to spread the word.
“I have been using it this year and putting out information since September, and I hope that by getting the word out about it, more parents will take advantage of it,” Hattaway said.
The website, which is not intended for student use, is user-friendly, the principal said. Anyone who has computer access can sign on. Parents who send information to Hattaway can identify themselves or remain anonymous.
“Sometimes a parent may want to get some information to me and they don’t really want to divulge who they are for some particular reason. With BeThere, they don’t have to,” he said.
Hattaway said the website also can be used to gather information on scheduling, graduation requirements and other academic topics. Issues such as bullying or suspected drug use also can be posted.
For more information on the BeThere website, parents can go to or call Long County High School at 545-2135.

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