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Funeral home says they followed guidelines
Royal Funeral Home
The owner of a Jesup funeral home where people may have been exposed to coronavirus said Thursday she followed Centers for Disease Control and Gov. Brian Kemp’s state of public health emergency guidelines during the funeral, but things got out of control and a crowd of mourners gathered outside, including some with apparent ties to Midway.

Royal Funeral Home Director Patricia Lester said during an April 9 viewing she allowed only 10 people inside the building at a given time.

 “The visitors were supposed to just come through, sign the book expressing their condolences, greet the family and leave and not stay in the area,” Lester said.

Instead, Lester said she had to lock the doors of the home as the crowd grew. She said a passerby saw the crowd outside the funeral home porch and called police.

Jesup Police Chief Mike Lane confirmed the call and said when his officers arrived they saw a crowd of 25-30 people gathered outside funeral home. Officers wearing masks and gloves asked people to leave, and they went peacefully.

But, Lane said three of his officers may have been exposed to the virus after learning one of the people at the viewing had tested positive for the virus. The chief said his officers haven’t been tested yet, and haven’t been quarantined because they were wearing protective gear. He said the department takes the temperature of the officers when they report to work.

The Coastal Health District on Wednesday said people in Liberty, Long and Wayne counties may also have been exposed to the coronavirus during church services April 5 and April 8 at Living Waters Ministries in Midway.

The church was closed on Thursday and no one could be reached for comment.

The Coastal Health District also said a “post-funeral” gathering was held in a private home in Midway.

The CHD is recommending that anyone who attended services or the funeral stay home and self-quarantine, and monitor their health for fever, cough of shortness of breath for 14 days from the last day of potential exposure. If sick, avoid all unnecessary physical contact and check with a doctor.

The coronavirus can also be spread by people who haven’t got symptoms.

Living Water
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