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Great American Cleanups During COVID-19
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Karen Bell is director of Keep Liberty Beautiful.

Our top priority during the COVID-19 pandemic is to keep our volunteers and KLB Staff healthy. Generally, in the spring, we participate in the national Great American Cleanup event, which is the largest community improvement effort in America. Over 20,000 communities participate in this Keep America Beautiful effort. This year due to COVID-19, these events were put on hold, but now they are back ON!  Each year we have at least 900 plus volunteers participate in Liberty County.  If you have thought about joining but are not sure what to do, I have an idea. Why don’t you start right where you live, with a group of friends, on the street you live, with your church, with your co-workers at your job, or your neighborhood? 

It could be as easy as hosting your own Cleanup Party with Keep Liberty Beautiful providing some supplies to spruce up your neighborhood. Communities coming together can bring about a spark of Liberty County Proud and a way for neighbors to get to know each other. That can help increase awareness and security efforts in your community.  Research tends to point out that cleaner, well-maintained communities seem to have less vandalism and other criminal activity. Properties that are cared for are a good thing for everyone.  

During the Great American Cleanup, we will follow CDC-issued guidelines related to large gathers.  We have also implemented additional precautions to ensure our Great American Cleanup events are as safe as possible!  In addition to using hand sanitizer, we have made it mandatory to disinfecting all litter reachers after each use.  

While it is not required to have every volunteer wear a mask and gloves, we will encourage it.  Additionally, our KLB Staff and Site Leaders will be instructed in registration site cleanliness and disinfecting technique.  KLB Staff and Site Leaders will be notified to not come to a cleanup site with even the slightest of symptoms.  We also remain in constant contact with Keep American Beautiful and the Liberty County Health Department to stay current with the latest updates and recommendations.  Below are some of the measures and guidelines in place to protect both our cleanup volunteers, site leaders, and staff.  These will be in place indefinitely until we have more direction from the CDC. 

Volunteer Responsibilities: Volunteer groups will remain small (15 to 25).  Volunteers that are 65+ or immunocompromised should be encouraged to stay safe and not volunteer, or only volunteer with family members.  During the cleanup event, volunteers should remember to continue to social distance themselves by six feet.  Volunteers should not attend the cleanup event should they show even the slightest symptoms.  Volunteers are encouraged to bring and wear masks and gloves during the event.  Volunteers may want to also bring their own hand sanitizer, water, safety vest, and sunscreen.  Every volunteer must sign the safety protocol acknowledgment before the cleanup event.  

Keep Liberty Beautiful Responsibilities:  KLB will screen the KLB Staff and Site Leaders at the start of each cleanup event.  This will ensure that they do not display any symptoms of illness.  All KLB Staff and Site Leaders will be provided with face masks, gloves, cleaning, and disinfecting supplies.  KLB will provide signage encouraging volunteers to social distance, how to take off gloves, and correctly wear their mask.  KLB will provide hand sanitizer placed at the sign-in tables.  KLB staff and Site Leaders will sanitize high-touch areas during cleanup events, and all litter reachers after each use will be disinfected.  

To find out how to sign up for Great American Cleanup this summer and make a difference, check out our website:  You can also contact us at Keep Liberty Beautiful at (912) 880-4888 or  

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