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Health District: Plan ahead for travel vaccines
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If your summer travel plans include an international trip, now is the time to book an appointment for required immunizations and recommended prescriptions.

The Coastal Health District has two travel health clinics to assist you in Savannah and Brunswick. Planning ahead is essential as some countries require specific vaccines for entry, and most vaccines must be given about 15 to 30 days in advance for full protection. Some prescription treatments, like those to prevent malaria, must also begin before you travel.

“Nothing ruins a great vacation faster than getting sick,” said Dr. Bonzo Reddick, health director of the Coastal Health District. “Our travel health specialists can help you get the required and recommended vaccinations and medications for your destination on time, but only if you call us early. You can’t wait until the last minute to get your travel shots or prescriptions.”

Travel appointments can fill quickly, so travelers are advised to schedule an appointment as soon as they know their dates of travel, and at least one month before the trip.

Travel health services are offered by appointment only in the following clinic locations in the Coastal Health District:

• Chatham County Health Department: 1395 Eisenhower Dr. in Savannah. Schedule an appointment by calling 912-353-3182 or send an email to Please include your travel destination, departure date, number of persons, and contact information, including a telephone number in your correspondence.

• Glynn County Health Department: 2747 Fourth St. in Brunswick. Schedule an appointment by calling 912-264-3961 extension 6004.

In addition to destination-specific vaccines and medications, it’s important to be current on routine vaccines as well. Routine vaccinations protect you from infectious diseases such as measles that can spread quickly in groups of unvaccinated people. Many vaccine- preventable illnesses are not common in the United States but are still common in other countries.

“I also put together a travel health kit before every trip,” said Dr. Reddick. “Make sure you pack enough of your prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines to last your entire trip, plus extra in case of travel delays.”

Depending on your destination you may also want to pack a mask, insect repellent, sunscreen, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, water disinfection tablets, and your health insurance card.

For more information, visit the Coastal Health District website at

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