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Hinesville incident reports in Courier of Aug. 4

Firearms possession by a minor / Obstruction of an officer

Officers initiated a traffic stop in a parking lot off Veterans Parkway, July 26 and discovered the vehicle did not have active insurance. The car had four occupants. One officer approached from the driver’s side and the other approached the passenger side of the car. As the officer spoke to the driver, he reported he smelled marijuana emitting from the inside of the car. The other officer handed a note pad to the back seat passenger and asked him to write down his name and date of birth. A third HPD officer arrived on scene and had one of the rear passengers step out of the car. This passenger was searched but noting was found. The officer then searched the rear passenger rider and found a loaded handgun in his waistline. The rear passenger was placed in handcuffs at that time. The officer placed the passenger in his patrol car and found out the man had originally gave him a false name. He said he did so because he was scared. No other contraband was found. The driver was cited for having no insurance. The rear passenger was placed under arrest for firearms possession by a minor and obstruction of an officer. The car was impounded.


Suspicious Acts

An office was dispatched to a home on East General Screven Way in reference to someone being involved in a hit and run accident. The officer spoke with a man who reported he was home taking a shower when his nine-year-old son ran into the home crying and saying his mother had been hit by a small black car as they crossed General Stewart Way. The man said his son told him the incident occurred near Victory Church.  The man said he left his house and drove to Liberty Regional Medical Center to look for his wife and also called Winn Army Hospital but his wife was not at either location. The man said the 9-1-1 operator told him to return home and wait for police to file a report. He said when he got home his wife was at the house.

The wife said she was hit by a car as she attempted to cross the road. She said her son ran home because he was scared.

The boy said his mom asked him to run ahead of her and get across the street. He said as he ran he heard a loud pop, looked back and saw his mom had been hit by a small black car. He said the car stopped, the occupants placed his mom inside the car and left. He said he ran home to tell his dad because he feared his mom’s body was going to be dumped in the woods.

The officer felt something was not right. He said there was no sense of urgency to have the wife transported to the hospital. The officer noticed some injuries to the wife’s right side of the cheek bone and upper lip and an abrasion on her right knee, but he reported the injuries were not consistent with being hit by a car traveling in a 45 miles per hour zone. The officer reported the injury to her knee appeared to have been caused by a push or being forced to the ground. As the officer continued his investigation the story of exactly what happened to the wife kept changing a bit. The officer reported he suspects the wife was a victim of domestic violence. He asked the couple if they wanted him to call EMS and both refused. The man said he would drive his wife to the hospital, but instead went outside to speak with a neighbor.


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