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HPD Blotter Dec. 18
Crime scene tape

From Hinesville Police Department reports:


Burglary/non-residence/first degree: The manager of Baldino’s and an HPD officer met at the diner responding to a motion sensor alarm call. The manager and the officer found that the drive-thru window was shattered. They also found that the register by the drive-thru window and the register sat the front of the diner had been moved. Unfortunately the two cameras that faced the drive-thru were not functional. It appeared that nothing in the store was missing.


Simple battery: A woman said she had an argument with her boyfriend because he was looking through her cell phone and saw that she was communicating with a friend. She said after their argument the boyfriend attempted to take her and their child out to dinner. She declined to go eat and said her boyfriend placed their child in the car and then turned up loud music. She said her boyfriend refused to turn down the music or give her the child. The woman said she walked back in the house to call police. The boyfriend followed her and placed the child in the living room. The woman claimed the boyfriend then proceeded to punch her in the face. Police found no evidence of harm on the woman’s face. Police wrote up a referral to DFACS as this couple has now been involved in multiple domestic dispute calls.

Driving while license suspended or revoked/passing in no passing zone: A police officer pulled over a driver after he observed him cross double yellow lines to pass several cars. The officers spoke with the driver and found that the driver had multiple suspensions on his driving record and also a warrant for failure to appear and child support.

Found property: A woman called police to report she had found a gun in the road near her home. The police found it to be a 45-caliber handgun with a fully loaded magazine clip.


Criminal trespass: A man was arrested for trespassing at the Walmart Super Center in Hinesville. The assistant store manager told the officer that the man was not allowed on the premises. The man said he knew he wasn’t supposed to be in the store but that another manager had let him shop there so he thought it was okay. The officer booked the man and later found a previous incident report where the man was suspected of shoplifting and banned from the store.

Theft by taking: A man reported that he had three stacks of firewood before going to bed and woke up to find only one stack of firewood remained. He said he was selling the firewood for $20.

Theft of lost or misplaced property: A woman took off her ring while using the restroom facilities at Hobby Lobby. The woman said she placed the ring on the toilet tissue dispenser and accidentally left it behind. She said she realized it was not on her hand when she returned to work. She called the store but the clerk said no one had turned in a ring. The woman returned to the store but could not locate the ring. 


Criminal trespass/damage: A woman called to report that someone had damaged her car. She said she thinks the damage was caused by a neighbor that she’s been having issues with. Police found scratches along the passenger side of the car. The car’s Chevy emblem had been removed from the rear hood and the passenger door locking mechanism was damaged. 


Simple battery: A woman claimed her boyfriend tried to run her down with his car and with her child in the car. The woman said she and her boyfriend were arguing so she left the house and started walking to Walmart. She said her boyfriend followed her in his cars and got close to her as if he was trying to hit her. The woman said, “He got so close that I had to walk into the ditch.” She told her boyfriend she was calling the cops so he drove off. The man said his girlfriend was mad because he wouldn’t take her to Walmart when she wanted. He admits he followed her in the car but said he didn’t try to hit her. Instead he tried to get her to get in the car so he could drop her off at the store. He told the officer he was laughing the whole time thinking the incident was funny.


Harassing communication: A man called police fearing that his ex-girlfriend’s father was going to, “Bash his skull in,” after the father threatened to do so over the phone. The man told officers the father was a mixed martial arts fighter that had a 7-0 record. Officers informed the man to call police if the father were to show up at his house.

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