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HPD blotter July 15

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Doing business without a license/Disorderly house: On June 27 undercover cops infiltrated a house party happening at a home on Live Oak Drive in Hinesville. Police were alerted to a social media post about a pool party. Party-goers had to purchase wrist bands to enter the party. Undercover cops were told red wrist bands were for people on a VIP list. They could purchase a green band that included food and water or an orange wrist band that was general admission. The undercover cops purchased green bands. While at the party they observed people smoking marijuana. The undercover cops were also able to purchase alcoholic drinks from a man at the party. Police saw the party “host” stuffing money into a red Nike shoe box. After a while police left the party to seek arrest warrants. According to the police report the wrist bands were filed as evidence. The money used was department funds and the serial numbers were recorded prior to the undercover operation.

Disorderly conduct: An intoxicated man was arrested after he went over the counter at the Hinesville Waffle House and pushed the grill cooker. The manager told police the man has come into Waffle House on several occasion and is always drunk, belligerent and causing trouble. She said the man pushed a glass tip jar toward her which hit her on the leg and then shattered on the floor. The manager told police she wants to ban the man from coming into the establishment from now on. The officer reported he could smell alcohol on the man’s breath even though the officer was wearing a mask. The officer called for backup after the man kept being argumentative and disorderly. The man was later arrested and cited for disorderly conduct.

Simple Assault: Police issued an arrest warrant on a man who threatened to kill his wife. The woman called police to report that her husband had come to the house and tried to come inside. She said she didn’t let him in so he proceeded to break the glass window in the living room and front door. The responding officer asked why she didn’t let her husband in and the woman showed him a text she received from her husband. The message read, “You have all stuff over there and on my Momma IMA going to kill you when I see you.”

The husband was not at the house when police arrived but returned later and broke another window.

Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon: A fight started between two women at the Hinesville Waffle House got a bit out of control when one of the women went to her car and brought out a handgun. The woman held up the gun and threatened to kill the other woman. A man tried to stop the woman and tried to get the gun out of her hands. During the scuffle the woman fired the gun three times. Two bullets hit the parking lot of the Waffle House while a third bullet hit a car that was occupied by a female. The woman then jumped into her black Ford Mustang and left the scene.

Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon:  The registers at the Circle K store stopped functioning, forcing the clerk to tell his customers they would have to wait until he re-booted the system. He reported that one unidentified female became irate and started yelling at the patrons waiting in line before her. The clerk said the woman called him a racist, started items around the store and demanded to speak with the manager. The clerk told the woman he was calling the police. The clerk reported the woman got into a black sedan with Georgia plates ending in 493. The clerk said the woman back out of the parking space and accelerated the car in his direction. Fearing she was going to hit him, he jumped on the curb. He said the car went down Oglethorpe Highway.

Domestic Problem: A man took his girlfriend’s handgun as retaliation for her taking away his cell phone. Police were called to the scene and the man said he did take away her gun because she has his cellphone and would not return it. The woman admitted she had his cellphone and gave it to the officer. The officer gave the cell phone to the man. The officer then went to the man’s home to retrieve the girlfriend’s handgun.

Simple misdemeanor marijuana possession: Police responded to a fight at Raintree Apartments. As they approached the scene they heard a male arguing with someone on the second floor above them. The male jumped from the second floor railing. Police managed to assist the male to the ground and saw he had a large laceration under his right eye and cuts on his right and left hands. EMS was called to the scene. As police questioned the man the officer reported he notice a large “Bulge” in his pants. The man admitted he had a jar of marijuana stuffed down his pants. He was cited for the marijuana and paraphernalia. He was treated by EMS for his injuries. The man refused to tell police who he was arguing with and what the argument was about.

- Patty Leon

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