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HPD Blotter for July 29
crime map 0729

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Simple Battery: A man reported he was afraid that his son was going to harm him in his Gassaway Street home. The man said his son poked him on the forehead four times and demanded his debit card. The son said he didn’t harm his dad, but he did ask for his debit card. He said he was upset because his dad had locked him out of the house earlier.

No driver’s license: An officer observed a male driver at a red light. The driver was on his cell phone and when the light turned green, he continued to talk on his phone while driving. The officer initiated a traffic stop and informed the driver why he was stopped. The female passenger told the officer that it was her car, the driver didn’t speak English and that he didn’t have a driver’s license. The office asked the woman why she let an unlicensed person drive the car. The woman replied she wasn’t feeling well and let him drive.  The woman was cited for letting an unlicensed person drive the car. The man was cited for driving without a license and unlawful use of a wireless device.

Welfare Check – A woman called police and asked the to do a welfare check on her elderly neighbor.  The woman said her neighbor’s dog was in her yard but when she went to notify her neighbor, she didn’t answer the door. The woman said the front door was open a bit, but the screen door was locked. She added that it was not like her neighbor to leave her dog unattended. One of the officers attempted to go toward the door but the small white dog attempted to bite him. A second officer arrived but when officers tried to approach the house the dog became aggressive. The officers called Animal Control who managed to secure the dog. The officers pried open a portion of the screen door and entered the home. No one was inside. As it turned out, the dog owner was found walking along Airport Road in search of her dog.  Officers gave her a courtesy ride home and reunited her with her dog. The officers showed the woman the damage they did to the door but the woman said she was okay with the “slight damage.”

Fraud: A woman attempted to purchase a pack of cigarettes with fake $10 bill. When the store clerk noticed the bill was smaller and looked fake, he asked the woman where she got the money from. The woman said she got it from some, “random guy in a parking lot.” The woman said she was going to get her debit card from the car to buy the cigarettes but never returned. The store clerk called police to report the matter. The fake bill was collected.

Entering Auto: A woman reported several expensive computer items were stolen from her car while she was shopping inside Hobby Lobby. The woman told police she entered Hobby Lobby around 9:40 and left at 10:20 a.m. She said she drove home and notice that her blue Coach Bag, which was on the passenger seat of her car was missing. She said the bag contained her husband’s iPAD Pro 11, her iPAD 10 and an Apple MacBook laptop. The woman provided serial numbers for the items missing. The responding officer reviewed video footage from inside Hobby Lobby prior to completing his report. The video showed the woman entered Hobby Lobby at 10:16 a.m. and exited 30 seconds later. She entered the store again at 10:20 a.m. and left at 10:33 a.m. The officer was not able to review video of the parking lot as that belonged to the property manager for Oglethorpe Plaza and the Hobby Lobby Manager didn’t have access to those tapes.

Theft by taking: A woman reported that her nephew allegedly stole $500 from her bank account. The woman said her nephew was staying with her for a few times and he often asked to use her cellphone. She said there might have been a few times she handed him the phone before logging out of her Navy Federal bank account.  When she checked her account, she saw that $500 was transferred to a man she doesn’t know. She told police she thinks her nephew transferred the money to this man so this man could later transfer it back to her nephew. Police were not able to contact her nephew, so they called his Mom. She said her son was not capable of doing such a thing. The complainant is convinced it was her nephew and was going to address the bank with the matter.

Simple Battery – Police responded to a home on Pineview Court. Once there they spoke to a woman who said her boyfriend spit in her face during an argument. She said he also threw her personal belongings out on the front yard. The boyfriend admitted he threw her stuff out because he found out that she had slept with another woman in the bed they share. The boyfriend said he didn’t intentionally spit in her face, but it might have happened while he was yelling. The officer told the boyfriend that he was not allowed to throw her belongings out. The officer explained that if he wanted her to leave he would need to go through formal eviction proceedings.

- Patty Leon

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