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HPD Blotter for July 8

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Simple Battery: Police responded to a home on Loblolly Drive on a report of battery. The complainant met police outside the home to report that his girlfriend had gone “crazy,” because he was at a friend’s house for the weekend. He said his girlfriend accused him of adultery and would not let him leave the house. The complainant said when he tried to walk out the front door his girlfriend threw her cell phone at him. He ducked and the phone shattered after hitting the fireplace. When he attempted to go out the front door again, he told police that his girlfriend bit him on the elbow. He said he pushed her off started walking out the door and started calling 9-1-1 on her cell phone. The complainant said while speaking with 9-1-1 his girlfriend started punching herself in the face while screaming, “stop hitting me.”

Police spoke to the girlfriend who said she was trying to leave the house but the complainant would not let her. She told police that she attempted to call the complainant’s friend to inform him that her boyfriend had slept with his wife. She said he was the one who smashed her iPad on the fireplace so she couldn’t make the call. She said he finished destroying her cell phone by throwing it against the refrigerator. She said she then attempted to use her computer to Face-Time the person but the complainant smashed the screen. She said the complainant pushed her to the ground and held his arm over her nose and throat. She said she bit him to make him let go. Police were unable to make any arrests due to the conflicting stories.

The complainant agreed to leave the house. Police gave him a ride to a location where his friend picked him up.

Hours later the same complainant called police to show them a video he had taken during an incident he had with his girlfriend a month prior that he wished to make a report on. The video showed the girlfriend walking into the room and demanding that the man leave the house. When the complainant refused to leave his girlfriend tried to push him out of the room. He reported that he asked his girlfriend to stop touching him and told her she was drunk. The girlfriend proceeded to walk into the closet, grabbed a loaded shotgun, pointed it at the complainant and told him to leave. The complainant told police his girlfriend knew the shotgun was loaded but she proceeded to point the shotgun at him and threatened to pull the trigger of he didn’t leave the house. The video showed that the complainant told his girlfriend to put the gun on the bed and he would leave. After watching the video police turned to the girlfriend and asked her if that was what had occurred. She said she did point the gun at the complainant but never had her finger on the trigger. The complainant was advised on warrant procedures.

Failure to stop at stop sign: An officer on patrol spotted a Silver Mazda cross the intersection of Eunice Road at the railroad tracks without making a proper stop at the stop sign.  The officer then watched as the car also failed to stop at a second stop sign on Bacon Road. The car made a right turn and the officer followed to make a traffic stop. When the officer told the driver why she was being cited the offender said she, “Did not run the stop signs she only rolled slowly through them.” To make matters worse the driver had a suspended license for a DUI violation.

Simple Battery:  A woman who called police to say that she was beaten by her son’s father ended up being arrested for simple battery. The incident occurred at Harbor Rain Apartments. The woman called police reporting that she went to Harbor Rain to pick up some of her son’s belongings. The woman claimed that when she got to Harbor Rain her son’s father had a handful of rocks that, she thought, he was going to throw at her car. She told police she moved her so it would not get damaged, saw her son’s father walking toward the railroad tracks and she started following him. She said he suddenly turned around and out of nowhere he punched her from behind on the right side of her face causing her to fall down and knocked her glasses off. She told police she followed him again as he walked toward his apartment and that she tried to throw rocks at him but they hit his car instead. She claimed her son’s father then started to beat her up.  She got away, went to her car and called for police.

The police reported noted that the responding officers did not see any signs of physical abuse or injuries on the woman.

Police spoke to the man who said he had an argument with the complainant the night before because he was supposed to go pick up her son and she didn’t allow him to do so. He said when he sent her a text message asking if he could pick up his son she replied, “No, you are not even his father.,” and sent him a video of her in bed with another man. He said when he saw the complainant walking toward him he walked around to avoid her because he didn’t want to speak to her at this point. He said he walked to a store and while walking back his mother called to say that the complainant was throwing rocks at his car and kicking it. He said he walked to where his car was parked and pushed the complainant away from his car which caused her to fall.

The man’s mother corroborated his account of the incident. Mom added that when he pushed her away from the car she fell but her son helped her get up and walk to where she said she had lost her glasses.

Police walked over to the man’s car which had extensive damage to the windshield and a foot print on the front hood.

The woman admitted she caused the damage and was arrested.

- Patty Leon

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