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HPD blotter for May 20
crime map

From Hinesville Police Department initial incident reports:

Lost property: From a May 14 report comes this narrative from an officer: “On 5/8/20 at 2215 hours I was advised by one of my coworkers my right rear hubcap was missing on my patrol vehicle ….”

It continued. “To my knowledge I am unaware of where my missing hubcap is at this time.” 

Suspended license: Police were sent around 8 p.m. May 13 to check out a reckless driver near Ameris Bank. The report said a Cadillac ‘was reversing in the middle of the road ‘making circles.’”

The officer found the car in a parking lot on Gen. Screven Way, “parked across several parking spaces in front of the gas station entrance door.” When the officer drove up, the driver came out and “walked towards my vehicle.”

 The officer told the man to slow up and was able to tell the driver had difficulty speaking and kept losing his balance. “(He) explained to me he lives in Savannah and he was attempting to ask me for directions to an open gas station because he needed fuel.”

The driver didn’t smell of alcohol but did have Type 1 diabetes and “he had not checked his blood sugar since 4 p.m. and had not eaten.” The officer called EMS, they checked his blood sugar, which was low and “if left untreated (the driver) could go into diabetic shock.”

EMS gave the man liquid sugar to get his blood sugar back to a normal level and he refused a trip to the hospital. However, during the stop his license was checked and found to have been suspended in 2017. He was allowed to leave after being given a ticket and court date, due to his medical condition.

Domestic: Police were sent to a Dover Lane address around 9 p.m. May 13 regarding a domestic disturbance. There, one officer met with the husband, who was standing in the driveway, while another met with the complainant, who said she and her husband got into an argument “due to her walking upstairs and seeing him on his phone. (She) advised when her husband noticed she was in the same room he attempted to be ‘sneaky’ and hide his pone under him.” 

She said he denied looking at anything and swatted her hand away, “which caused her fingernail to end backwards making her fingernail bleed. (She) refused EMS.”

The woman said she called the cops because her husband wouldn’t give her his copy of the house key, but did before cops showed up.

The man told police “he was sitting in the bathroom upstairs surfing the web while on the toilet when (she) entered the bathroom accusing him of being sneaky. (He) advised he was not looking at anything sneaky and was only reading an article on COVID-19. (He) advised (his wife) became aggressive and slapped him on the head with an open hand as well as snatched his hat off his head.”

The man gave police a recording of the incident. Nobody was injured and the husband “voluntarily left the scene,” while police were still there.

Stolen property: An officer was contacted May 12 by a Liberty County Sherrif’s Office deputy regarding someone living in an abandoned house near the Justice Center in Hinesville, and he and three other officers checked it out. They found a man inside, and “a lot of property, to include clothing and electronics.”

Among the items found were a computer, monitors, a shredder, and a shopping cart. It turned out the electronics belonged to Heritage Bank,  and there was video of the “the subject next to the Justice Center putting on a mask Sunday evening (5-10-20) at approximately (8 p.m.) removing bricks from his backpack, putting on a mask and gloves and then walking toward where the glass door had been broken on the Heritage Bank’s property.”

There’s also footage of the man going into the vacant house “several times over several days and they had footage of the subject returning a large push cart to the Heritage bank property the previous day,” the report said.

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